22 November 2021

Ever-changing mandates and definitions: Where are we going with this?

18 Kislev 5782 |   חי כסלו ה"תשפ"ב


Recently I saw a comment on Arutz-7 that revived an issue I have seen many times: A lot of people believe that the Jewish People has a self-destructive streak; and now this observation has been applied to Israel. Particularly now that we are best known for being the world's guinea pig regarding the Covid-19 vaccines (I prefer to call them "experimental study intervention injections" after the term used by Pfizer. May I just shorten it to ESII?).

 In fact, it is mentioned in Scripture: G-d seems to be worried that even He can't heal us. See this previous post (it's part 2 of 3) and its commentary. Yirmiyahu Lamed, yod-bet & yod-gimel (30: 12 & 13).

 Here's an example article from Arutz-7, undated: Why Are We Jews So Self-Destructive? It might not be the one I mentioned above, but it will have to do.

And, here's a DDG search.

Many Israelis have asked that question especially after the Oslo Accords began in September 1993. Every decision since then seems to have been made with our destruction in mind more than usual.

But, it turns out, we've been under emergency measures taken when we became a state in 1948 that have never ceased since! (1994 paper, Michigan Journal of Law) | Springer, Emergency as a State of Mind, from The Rule of Crisis by Suzie Navot, 2018) | (search for more evidence)

And we wonder why.

Has anyone noticed that the government never allowed itself to take anything but punitive actions against the enemies that surround us?

The worst actions have been always against the Jews who live here. Some of them: The expulsion from the Sinai, with a focus on Yamit, in 1972; the expulsion from Gush Qatif and northern Shomron in 2005; the severe slowing down of housing development in Yehuda and the Shomron; and the hesitancy to affirm our sovereignty in these areas.

Blaming Jews for violent actions against Arabs, for which some are still in jail, without proving they did such things, while killings of Jews by Arabs go unresolved. Duma, 2015, anyone?

The killing of a 16-year-old Jewish young man almost a year ago by police, which the relevant authorities have yet to answer for. Lately, people have been protesting this issue again (one example) (search for more). 

Yesterday a lone soldier was murdered near the Kotel (Western Wall). His funeral was today.

And many, many more. Whatever happened to the Jewish right to return to our land to live in peace here?

And now, our response to Covid-19. Our Ministry of Health has mandated more vaccines for adults (see this post for more; our fourth one hasn't started yet, be"H), and now is voting to vaccinate ages 5-11. Protesters have been out in the streets (see the video on this page), but does anyone at the top levels listen?

And now our Health Minister wants daily COVID testing on infants (article here). Where does this stop?

The ESII. How many people have taken it and had adverse reactions to it? Just like the US, no one knows for sure. As the Israeli People's Committee wrote to the FDA, we have nothing like VAERS here. The one thing we used to report AEs was ruined by the erasure of thousands of reports recently. 

The voting for a new government system, that will make us a dictatorship for sure, will make us the laughing stock of the world. Some democracy!

But perhaps this is HQB"H's way of making room for His plan, to be brought about when Mashiah is revealed.

Hey, why not? I think we're all seeing today that democracy Israeli style is not all it's cracked up to be. For that matter, no style of democratic government is working well in the "global" environment.

As for the dictatorship style, whether communist or socialist, it still reminds us of Mitzrayim: the government had the authority over what we put into our bodies, when we work and for how long each day...from each according to his ability, to each according to his need...does anyone remember who said it?

Sounds nice, but not very motivating. You pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work is how it usually went in real life.

So, why, already? you might ask.

Just as Jews in the know speak about Erev Rav behavior (after the mixed multitude that followed Moshe Rabbenu and the newborn nation of Israel out of Mitzrayim, we should also speak about the children of Lavan (Laban) the Wicked.

Every Pessah we speak of Lavan, who wanted to wipe out the family of Ya'acov (Jacob) to the very last person.

Do you think he ever gave up on that dream of his? Since they are closely related to us (Lavan is Yaacov's uncle, the father of all four of Ya'acov's wives, plus he's the grandson of Avraham's brother Haran). Unlike the Erev Rav, who were mostly Egyptians, they can fit in and pass very well for children of Israel. And apparently they do, quite regularly.

Both groups of the worst enemies of the Jews have behavioral traits that, if you know what to look for, you can spot.

It seems to me that, while the Erev Rav want to seduce us into living as they do, the Bnei Lavan (whom some call Sabeans or Sabians, but maybe they've just been living alongside us for generations?) just want to do us in. Both are extremely good with words; put it just the right way and we'll be eating out of your hand. Just review the last aliyah of VaYetzé and see how Lavan butters Ya'acov up when he catches up at the mountain. 

And listen to how people speak to the citizens of Israel when they want us to line up for experimental shots and keep taking them.

Does the language sound familiar?

Don't look behind the curtain at the young athletes dying on the playing fields of other nations shortly after getting the shots. Nothing to see there...


What is waiting for us before the coming of Mashiach? 
You will find a number of interesting definitions in this video, from the CDC.


And for the soldiers, an inspiration: The Real Inglorious Basterds: The story behind the movie
(NOT shmirath einayim and not for the timid either!)

h/t: Israel Unwired


We need to keep demanding:

 Show me "the coronavirus." SARS-Cov-2.

It's a great idea from The Jerusalem Report dated 20 November, with a guest, Ricardo from South Africa.

Let's not conflate issues; I don't mean its effect on people. I mean the actual organism. Tell us and show us the difference between this second version and the other dangerous coronaviruses such as SARS and MERS. Let's include the difference between each of the variants, while we're at it.

If "the virus" can't be isolated enough to be shown and proven that it is different from others like it, then there is no justification for turning the world upside down with ever-changing mandates and definitions.

The health associations and ministries of the world have the burden of proof. We ordinary citizens aren't obligated to believe the words of those who put off virtually until forever any obligation on the part of the pharmaceutical companies to be forthcoming about the details of what happened during this period of time that we are all suffering until the revelation of Yo'el Tzidkenu (our righteous redeemer).


And while our attention is on the above, tell me what you think of this article, describing a development that might make it all moot, has"v. 

Is it possible we've been looking in the wrong direction?


  1. the video "The Real Inglorious Basterds" is unavailable.
    Is there is a mirrowed link ?

  2. Victoria, sorry I couldn't find a mirrored link to The Real Inglorious Basterds (the story behind the movie). But here's a search you and others who pass this way might benefit from:

    The Real Inglorious Basterds (search)

  3. Very interesting post, Hava: I am impressed! Between you and Rivka, you have raised a ghost from the dead. Maybe it is time to make him part of the discourse on a regular basis? As for genealogy.....?....

  4. Gosh, I'm blushing, DS. Thank you.

    I hope we really can trace back a complete line to the ghost's family.

    For sure, complete lines for everyone on the planet will be able to be traced when Geulah Shlemah comes. The World of Truth brooks no lies, no hiding.

    The challenge is now, when truth is coming out but so much is still hidden.

  5. ...Some more insight on the Jewish Inferiority Complex, from Rav Avigdor Miller Parashat Vayeshev, posted by Myrtle Rising.

  6. Happy Chanukah to everybody !
    Hava please post this IMPORTANT new development.
    Dr. Andreas Noack made a presentation on November 25 "Graphene "razor blades" found in the COVID bio-weapon". He was murdered on November 27.
    He was a chemist and a world leading expert on graphene. He said that what is inside those vials is not graphene oxide, but graphene hydroxide, in the form of nano-scale extremely sharp particles. That explains the bleeding and blood clots in the human victims. That explains why so meany athletes suddenly die. Because the faster blood is flowing, the more damage those razors do. Toxicologist tests won't show anything, because this is just blood vessels being cut from inside.

    May Ha Shem have Mercy on us and perform a miracle, get rid us of that evil.



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