21 February 2021

The Rabbi's Back! Yeah, yeah! A Purim Special + VIDEO and tonight's worldwide prayer for the revelation of Mashiah

9 Adar 5781 - pray for the revelation of Mashiah tonight with World Jewry! See below.



Where is G-d in Megilat Esther?
by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher | first posted here
...and an invitation to pray with World Jewry for the revelation of Mashiah tonight! See below!
The Rambam states in Hilchos Megilah, Chapter 2, Halacha 18, that all books of the Prophets and all of the Holy Writings will be cancelled in the Messianic Era except for Megilat Esther, which will exist forever like the Torah and the Talmud.
What’s even stranger is that Esther is the only book in TANACH without G-d’s name in it. Why is the only book in Holy Scripture (Ketuvim) so unique that it will be preserved for eternity even though it does not contain G-d’s name?
The answers are found in Megilat Esther 3:9, Haman says to Ahahuerus regarding the Jews: "If it please the king, let it be written that they be destroyed." The Midrash (Esther Rabba 7:13) adds: "Ahashuerus replied: 'You cannot prevail against them, since their G-d will not entirely forsake them. See what He did to the kings who preceded us and who laid hands upon them…Whoever comes against them to destroy them…is wiped out.'"
When Haman persisted, Ahashuerus said to him: "since you are so insistent, let us consult the wise men and the magicians." He thereupon convened all the wise men of the nations and asked them: "Is it your desire that we destroy the Jewish Nation?" They replied that it is too dangerous because G-d protects His children, the people of Israel; look what happened to Pharaoh and Sennacherib.
Haman then told them that G-d is now old and cannot do anything, since Nebuchadnezzar has already destroyed His city and burned His Holy Temple and exiled Israel and scattered them among the nations. They then came around to his opinion and agreed to destroy Israel, and they wrote letters and signed them for the Final Solution.
"There is nothing new under the sun" (Kohelet 1:9). This Midrash could have been written today. All we need to do is substitute Abu Mamzer and Hamas or Ayatola Kahmeni of Iran for Haman, and the UN for "all the wise men of the nations."
It should be noted that "the wise men of the nations" do not tell Ahashuerus not to destroy the Jews because it is immoral, only because it is too dangerous. When Haman tells them that the Jewish G-d is weak and unable to protect the Jews, they immediately agree to kill all of the Jews.
Perhaps the UN as a body does not want to destroy the State of Israel, but there is no question that many of its members want to harm the State of Israel if they think they can get away with it.
Like Haman and Hitler, Arab terrorists have been trying to destroy Israel even before there was a Jewish State in 1948. Who remembers the Hebron pogrom of 1929? An Arab mob, incited by Mufti Haj Amin El-Husseini, massacred Jewish men, women and children by hacking them to death. This was way before any "occupied territories" that Arabs use to justify their terror against us. With the help of G-d, we have built a vibrant and flourishing Jewish State which is a shining beacon of democracy in the turmoil of the murderous civil wars in the Middle East.
Israel is an oasis of goodness and light surrounded by a sea of savages and darkness. We shall persevere despite all of our enemies' intention to destroy us because "the Guardian of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps" (Tehillim 121:4).
Why will Megilat Esther be read for all eternity? This is because the Megilah, more than any other book of TANACH, describes the miraculous story of the survival of G-d's Eternal People against all odds.
Thus, the Megilah is the only book in TANACH that does not contain G-d's Name. This is because G-d's hand is seen in every twist and turn of the story, demonstrating G-d's Providence in all aspects of life. The entire story of Megilat Esther is in fact all about G-d's Name!


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I'm not promising that all the world's Jews will be there. Your presence counts, and that of your loved ones!

17 February 2021

More about Dr. Zelenko's protocol, from the doctor himself

light of 6 Adar 5781

Basically, I'm writing this post so that I, and those who share my concern with ever getting out of what I'm calling

 the "death-as-an-alternate-lifestyle" paradigm

(after a dream I had some 40 years ago, during the age of, and related to, HIV...) that the world has been stuck in, can get our minds free, to whatever extent we can, to focus on the future with HQB"H openly ruling the universe, beginning with geula shlemah and the revelation of Mashiah.

Near the top of the list is the need to assure ourselves that we're doing all we can to keep ourselves healthy without driving ourselves crazy. (At the top are derekh eretz, tefillah, teshuvah, tzedakah; and I could digress a lot with these.)

What that largely means, at least for me, is staying on a modification of the Zelenko Protocol on a prophylactic basis (meaning, to prevent me from getting sick). 

I don't know about you, but I don't want to go through the "cattle chute" of having no alternatives to a new, not-fully-tested vaccine to protect myself from Covid-19, particularly when there are safe and effective, proven alternatives such as the one in this post.

Fortunately, Dr. Z has come up with a list of suggested alternative items for the medicines HCQ and azithromycin, in case they're unavailable (whether by law set up just for the coronavirus crisis, or just plain unavailable) or our physicians won't prescribe them. His original protocol was not for prophylaxis, but for early outpatient treatment within 5 days of testing positive on a PCR test.

So far, the prophylaxis is working just fine for me, b"H.

Here is the prophylaxis protocol, stratified by age and risk level.

 I am considered high risk by any measure, and yet, by keeping to that level of the protocol, be"H, I'm managing to keep from catching "the virus" and keep my comorbidities under control (the alternative protocol, using available supplements, works well with my usual medication too). I am a firm believer in the maxim:

G-d has given the cure before the disease.

The point of all this is to keep us from getting the virus; but if we should have reason to be tested positive, to keep us out of the hospital while we recover.

This has meant a quercetin pill and a mug of green tea (for the EGCG - he prefers that we take a pill with that, but I haven't found one and it sounds expensive!), plus a zinc pill in the morning. I recently found out that by taking a gram of vitamin C with the above and not putting it off until afternoon (I use powdered ascorbic acid in a glass of sugar-free juice diluted with water), I can enhance the effectiveness of all the rest. I take extra C as needed (not nearly as much or as often as I was before I started using the protocol).

The zinc is the most important part. The other components help it do its job.

I take the green tea and quercetin together in the hope that this will create a synergistic effect (that both will work better together than they would if taken separately during the day) They are both zinc ionophores (transporting ions across cell membranes; in this case, escorting zinc into the lungs - more at Merriam Webster). 

(For this article I read that there are warnings about quercetin for pregnant women; so I looked up side effects that may come from that supplement. It looks to me as though that issue hasn't been examined; so, you might want to bring questions to your most qualified medical professional.)

Hydroxychloroquine is also a zinc ionophore, and it does even more than that.
(A list of additional benefits, possibly incomplete, is in this article. Also, you'll find out how early treatment prevents the 'long haul' side effects that often follow a bout with covid-19. You may want to search the page using the bolded terms above, or else scroll down, for them.)

 Avi Abelow has interviewed Dr. Zelenko twice during the ongoing coronavirus crisis so far: in April 2020 (8.5 minutes) and again in February 2021 (2 hours). In the second interview, the good doctor answers a ton of questions, some of them very pointed and harsh, concerning his protocol, his methodology, his current improvements and alternatives over the original protocol.

For more information, go to Dr. Zelenko's website, and may G-d bless you and keep you well!


I don't want to forget to mention that Israel is testing other wonder drugs for more severe cases of Covid-19. As I understand it, one of these drugs is going to be tested in Greece per a recent agreement. Watch this video!


 A reminder for all of us: Paying a lot of attention to our situation could make us miss important clues to our impending geula. Purim seems to be a great time for our final redemption to occur.

I want to find an adult-sized rabbit costume. In America, the symbolism would be equivalent to that of a guinea pig.

Meanwhile, take a look at how much the number 3 is involved this year, and its importance regarding G-d's plan for us and the world! 

Adar: The Triple Purim in the Year of 3...and more

26 January 2021

COVID-19: Safe and effective outpatient treatments make progress!

 13 Shevat 5781


When it comes to COVID-19, we all need to put our relationship with G-d first and foremost. Tefillah & hitbodedut, teshuvah, & tzedakah are all year round, not just in Tishrei and not just because we may not be one of those who is praying with, or in, a minyan right now.  Next comes the hishtadlut, the doing part, which is this article's focus.

Some recent developments on safe and effective treatments for COVID-19 have not made the news in any "safe and effective" way. Meaning, people who don't know about them will not be able to avail themselves or their loved ones of them, in time for safety and effectiveness, in time of need (may it not be needed). 

There may be more than what I found for this article, but I couldn't find them on the internet as of this writing. I hope to get some of it out there today. Both medical personnel and potential patients need to know!

I'm still one of the latter. Only potentially, thank G-d! And I AM NOT A DOCTOR. None of what I've written here is meant to be taken as medical advice, only food for thought. Thank you in advance for reading!


Dr. Vladimir Zev Zelenko now has a PEER-REVIEWED paper about his protocol. 

 COVID-19 outpatients: early risk-stratified treatment with zinc plus low-dose hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin: a retrospective case series study (December 2020, International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents)


His protocol, both for treatment and prophylaxis, updated and including many alternatives, including nutritional supplements, to the basic medications of the protocol, can be found in many languages here.

It was rejected at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis in early 2020 because the people who found it wanting did one thing wrong (actually 3 things wrong in one) in their scientific pursuit of an answer:

They failed to REPLICATE the experiment.

 — er, protocol (which includes the methodology — how it was done, where, materials used, etc.); performed their own study in hospital, disregarding positive results using the key components of an early-treatment, outpatient-based methodology; and assigned blame for the bad results on Dr. Zelenko all over worldwide media. 

An explanation of the role of replication in research follows.


Replicating an experiment is an integral part of research projects. 

 ...In discussing these terms, it is important to distinguish between research projects and research programs. Projects refers to singular research efforts, such as individual experiments or a set of experiments, that are designed to answer a specific hypothesis and that are funded by a research grant or reported in a journal article. Programs, on the other hand, refers to a much larger constellation of research funded by an institute or performed by an investigator over a period of time. Replication is an integral part of research projects; duplication and complementarity are related to both projects and programs. The committee employed the following definitions for replication, duplication, and complementarity: 

  • Replication represents the deliberate or conscious repetition of research efforts, intended to confirm or extend previously or simultaneously obtained, but still uncertain, findings.

  • Duplication represents inadvertent, unconscious, or, more rarely, deliberate repetition of research efforts, thus not serving a need to confirm or otherwise verify conclusions from previous research undertakings.

  • Complementarity represents efforts involving independent approaches or overall strategies to confirm, overturn, or extend particular research findings.

Research and Service Programs in the PHS: Challenges in Organization (The National Academies Press, 1991), Chapter 8: Duplication, Replication and Complementarity

 (emphases mine, including font size alterations and bolding - HDG)


A young mother in my neighborhood started a Change.org petition to demand that Israeli doctors be allowed to prescribe the ZELENKO PROTOCOL right after a COVID-19 diagnosis.


PLEASE SIGN and PASS ALONG if you care about having more COVID-19 treatment options!!!

And, those who can effectively translate it to Hebrew, Yiddish, Amharic, Russian, Arabic, French, Spanish and other languages Israelis speak, please do. It just isn't right that English-speaking Israelis be the only ones to benefit! 

(And, I don't want to risk getting this part wrong in the languages I think I could do myself in my enthusiasm to get the message out.) 

Other nations can, and should, use tools like this to demand better treatments for their people. The "vaccine or lockdown" choice paradigm is unacceptable!

Other options for consideration, both outpatient and hospital-based: A-7: Has a drug been found for coronavirus? | Under development: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: International team of scientists identifies new treatment for COVID-19 that appears to be far more effective than drugs in use now | Math+ Protocol and Translations |

In the interest of balance, here's Australia's hydroxychloroquine prescription rules for COVID-19

It should be noted that Dr. Zelenko emphasized low-dose hydroxychloroquine (which means there must be at least one high-dose version) and added alternatives on the page linked to above in order to address some of the issues expressed there. 

 Thank you, Devorah.

Food for thought: The Hill: Why home treatment of COVID-19 with several drugs is crucial, by Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH


I have a question for current and future researchers: 

If we use these, and other treatments we find along the way, effectively after diagnosis, will there be antibodies in the blood, and will the immune system components our bodies possess be able to identify the virus and its variants and deal with them?

Right now, it seems only G-d knows. Can we bring this down to earth, please?


19 January 2021

Does the road to Mashiah go through today's Pharaoh?

Waw (6) b'Sh'vat 5781

Later this year, it seems, after the requisite number of people get vaccinated for Covid-19, it is promised that the Israeli economy will be freely opened up. 

However, it is apparent that it won't open up in the normal manner that we were living "Before Corona." We won't be able to take our masks off and ignore keeping our physical distance even if the vaccinated have had both shots of vaccine and all the required time has passed. Vaccinated people with "green passports" will be allowed to ignore lockdown rules over a definite period (last I heard it was six (6) months).

This gate to our "freedom" is still in the planning stage at this writing. Here is how it looks to the crew at InfoWars (15 January).

 And if you think the above is a conspiracy theory because of the above source, it was also written about even before that was published, in the Jerusalem Post (11 January), and Ynet (4 January). Compare the InfoWars page with these. Read carefully. How much substantial difference do you see among them?

There is even a debate as to whether the vaccination program here is legal. If it's declared illegal, then the gate to our freedom above is moot. As in: gone. The unvaccinated will have rights to be as free as the rest of the country. Will they have to mask and distance themselves from others? I don't know. But it is still a debate whether the experiment will be declared illegal.

Anyway, I don't see how, if the vaccine really protects against covid, the unvaccinated are a threat to the vaccinated. As of now the threat seems to be the other way around: two weeks after the first shot, and one after the second. At least. 

If your spouse got the vaccine, and you didn't, should you move into another room in the house until those periods are over?

The problem is that we, the prospective guinea pigs, don't know. Pfizer and Moderna (and other pharmaceutical companies working on this — but these are the predominant ones) do know. They say that the vaccines are not guaranteed to protect against receiving or transmitting the disease. That's only one reason why this is an E.X.P.E.R.I.M.E.N.T. on a large population of human beings. 

These Emergency Use Authorizations are from the FDA regarding the Pfizer (last revised Dec 2020 | Moderna (last revised Dec 2020) vaccines. Both include the following language: 

The (vaccine name) vaccine is still being studied in clinical trials.

These words tell me that we, the nation of Israel, are being experimented on (not to mention the entire world; but we seem to be on the fast track by comparison.). I don't see the difference between participating with a small group of selected individuals and being part of a national clinical trial. Except for one thing: Informed consent, both national and personal. Are people aware that this is an experiment? I suspect this is the long-term part of it.

There should be no penalty for refusal under these circumstances, just as with a normal experiment. 

But there will be, if all goes as planned, without pushback.

If all the things we are going through — self- or forced isolation, lockdowns, masking, social distancing and more — are to have meaning and are to be a response to a genuine crisis, then the resulting resolution of the problem should be going truly "back to normal." The "green passport" resolution is no such thing; otherwise, we would have done this for "the flu" (influenza) all along. It is an introduction to control over the population that Pharaoh would have given anything to have, back in his day.

But, then again, a new normal is coming about that has nothing to do with the worldwide coronavirus crisis.

Is Rav Alon Anava correct, that the NWO must rule for nine months before Mashiah is revealed? Here's where the Rav lays out his learning and reasoning.

Ugh! What can we Israelis do until then? Well, we can cry out to G-d, we can do teshuva and we can protest; at least we can say we tried; and perhaps H' will deliver us earlier than the nine months of the video; then the rest of the world can be delivered as well. 

Here's a petition we can sign (I already did. It's in Hebrew. Other countries can mount their own petitions if they haven't already done so.)  Drove.com

One thing is for certain: The only One who deserves all of mankind to be His slaves...is HaQadosh Baruch Hu, the Creator and Master of the Universe. Even Mashiah will bow down to Him.

As for our modern-day Pharaoh, I have no idea who he might be, but I think many of us can name some people who work for him. And as in the days of ancient Egypt, he doesn't operate out of Israel, even though some of his servants might.

Many thanks to my friends whose sources contributed to this post: ITT, EA, TD and SG.

06 January 2021

Non-Belligerence is better than Peace

light of 23 Tevet 5781

עברית עוקבת אחר טקסט באנגלית



The recent peace treaties conceal the danger of an economic takeover of Israel by the Gulf states. This is no less dangerous than ceding territory.


By Atty. Doron Nir Zvi. Used by permission. Hebrew below.


The article was originally published in Hebrew in Makor Rishon on December 27th, 2020 and translated into English by the Sovereignty Movement.

The Arab countries have recently been signing a string of peace treaties with the State of Israel. Ostensibly, this is another step in the vision of the End of Days: “Wolf will reside with sheep and leopard with kid will lie” (Isaiah 11:6), “They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks” (Isaiah 2:4). However, unfortunately, this is a mixed blessing; a hug, but, perhaps a bear hug that is liable to strangle us.

It is worth noting: To date, no legislation has been enacted in the State of Israel restricting the business activity of the citizens of the Arab countries. Even were it to be legislated, the High Court of Justice is liable to nullify it based on their well-known activist-progressive reasons. So, we are liable to reveal that many private properties in the Jezreel Valley and in Jerusalem have been “redeemed” by Arabs from the Gulf.

We already received our first poke in the eye with the purchase of half-ownership of the Beitar Jerusalem football club. It is clear that this was not merely an economic transaction, but rather a symbolic and calculated one.

The finger will be followed by the fist, and who will prevent it? Just as Sadat understood that by means of a peace treaty he could receive three quarters of Israeli territory, which he had lost in four wars, so, we are liable to find ourselves now conquered by means of money from the Gulf, without a single shot fired.

Second, in their great benevolence, our government grants every new Arab friend access to the Temple Mount. For some reason, this is the ultimate gift for every new Arab friend. I have only to quote Jared Kushner: “The treaty with the Emirates resolved, to a great extent, the Temple Mount issue.” He meant that Moslems from the entire world will be able to make a pilgrimage to the Temple Mount, while a Jew who mumbles a passage of prayer will find himself under arrest. This is a religious-national-moral failure.

Third, in signing the peace treaties with these countries, we are whitewashing evil. Sudan is being removed from the list of countries supporting terrorism, the western Sahara is annexed to Morocco, and in our great enthusiasm, we refuse even to designate Dubai as a red Corona state, so that they will not, God forbid, be angry at us.

Because I do not want to be self-righteous or sanctimonious, I prefer not to detail the moral status of these countries, in which individual rights are virtually non-existent, and trafficking in women and prostitution, and other troubling phenomena exist in them.

Fourth, the armies of the countries entering into peace treaties with us are benefitting from an upgrade of Western military equipment, and the United States is opening before them the arsenal of the most sophisticated weapons in its possession. The ink on the treaty with the Emirates is not yet dry, and it is already equipped with F-35 fighter jets that would never have reached it without its signature on the treaty; just as the rusted Egyptian army was upgraded after it signed the peace treaty with modern American Abrams tanks, Apache helicopters, and F-16 fighter jets.

Fifth, it must be remembered that these are dictatorships, tyrannical regimes; therefore, the treaties were signed to limited effect. Persia was our greatest friend in the Middle East until the Islamic Revolution that transpired there in 1979, and Turkey replaced it as a loyal ally until Erduan assumed power.

Sixth, when one day we stop being nice and assert our interests, these countries will nullify the treaties. Morocco had good relations with us until the year 2000, when we were forced to defend ourselves against the Oslo Intifada.

Even now, during our honeymoon period, when Dr. Fakhrizadeh was assassinated in Iran, the Emirates leapt to condemn the assassination (even though in their heart of hearts they rejoiced, and in private, they were rubbing their hands in delight). The Egyptian and Jordanian ambassadors spend most of their time in their countries, in heated protest, instead of in the embassy in Israel.

This is true all the more so when it turns out that the treaties with Bahrain and the Emirates are, for all intents and purposes, land for peace, as Netanyahu promised them and the United States that he will not annex the territories of Judea and Samaria, even partially. Why give any return to the Gulf States when it is clear to any intelligent person that their interest in creating a broad, united front against the Iranian enemy, is no less than ours?

And if, as mentioned above, we are already signing peace treaties, why do we not, at the same time, resolve the matter of the infiltrators from Sudan? Why do we not include an agreement that prioritizes finding employment for Palestinians in the Emirates (88 per cent of the residents there are not citizens, but rather foreign workers), and thereby encourage emigration of Palestinian youth from Judea and Samaria to the Gulf. Netanyahu has the solutions.

In conclusion, it would have been possible to engage in extensive business transactions and tourism even in a state of non-belligerence, without encountering the complications arising from the shortcomings enumerated above that stem from signing peace treaties. Netanyahu proves that he is not the great strategist that he claims to be.




אי-לוחמה עדיף משלום

עו"ד דורון ניר צבי

פורסם במקור ראשון י"א טבת תשפ"א


מדינות ערביות חותמות לאחרונה בשרשרת על הסכמי שלום עם מדינת ישראל. לכאורה, עוד צעד בחזון אחרית הימים: "וגר זאב עם כבש, ונמר עם גדי ירבץ", "וכיתתו חרבותם לאתים וחניתותיהם למזמרות". אך למרבה הצער זו אליה וקוץ בה; חיבוק, אבל אולי חיבוק דב שעלול לחנוק אותנו.

כדאי לשים לב: עד עכשיו טרם נקבעה חקיקה להגבלת פעולותיהם העסקיות של אזרחי המדינות הערביות במדינת ישראל. גם אם תיחקק, בג"ץ עלול לבטלה מטעמיו האקטיביסטיים־פרוגרסיביים הידועים. כך אנו עלולים לגלות שאדמות פרטיות רבות בעמק יזרעאל ובירושלים "נגאלות" בידי ערבים מהמפרץ. את האצבע הראשונה בעין כבר קיבלנו ברכישת מחצית הבעלות במועדון הכדורגל של בית"ר ירושלים, שברור שאינה כלכלית גרידא אלא סמלית ומחושבת. אחרי האצבע יבוא האגרוף, ומי ימנע זאת? כשם שסאדאת הבין שבהסכם שלום הוא יכול לקבל שלושה רבעים משטח ישראל, שהוא איבד בארבע מלחמות, כך אנו עלולים למצוא עצמנו כעת נכבשים באמצעות הכסף מהמפרץ, ללא ירייה אחת.

שנית, בנחמדותה הרבה מעניקה ממשלתנו לכל ידידה ערבית חדשה דריסת רגל בהר הבית. משום מה, זו המתנה האולטימטיבית לכל חבר ערבי חדש. אין לי אלא לצטט את ג'ארד קושנר: "ההסכם עם האמירויות פתר במידה רבה את סוגיית הר הבית". הוא התכוון לכך שמוסלמים מכל העולם יוכלו לעלות לרגל להר הבית, בעוד שיהודי שימלמל פסוק תפילה ימצא עצמו במעצר. מדובר בכשל דתי־לאומי־מוסרי.

שלישית, בחתימת הסכמי שלום עם המדינות הללו אנו מכשירים שרצים. סודן יוצאת מרשימת המדינות התומכות בטרור, סהרה המערבית מסופחת למרוקו, ומרוב התלהבות אנחנו אפילו מסרבים להכריז על דובאי כמדינה אדומה מקורונה כדי שלא תכעס עלינו חלילה. ומפני שאיני רוצה להיות צדקן ומתחסד אני מעדיף לא לפרט בעניין רמתן המוסרית של המדינות האלה, שזכויות הפרט בהן שואפות לאפס, ויש בהן סחר בנשים וזנות ועוד מרעין בישין.

רביעית, צבאות המדינות שכורתות עימנו הסכמי שלום זוכים לשדרוג בציוד לחימה מערבי, וארה"ב פותחת בפניהן את ארסנל הנשק המתוחכם ביותר שבאמתחתה. עוד לא יבש הדיו על ההסכם עם האמירויות, והיא מצוידת במטוסי אף־35 שלא היו מגיעים אליה לעולם לולא חתימתה על ההסכם; כפי שצבאה החלוד של מצרים שודרג לאחר חתימתה על הסכם השלום, בטנקי אברמס אמריקניים ובמסוקי אפאצ'י ומטוסי אף־16 חדישים.

חמישית, יש לזכור שאלה דיקטטורות, משטרי רודנות, וממילא ההסכמים נחתמים בעירבון מוגבל. פרס הייתה ידידתנו הגדולה ביותר במזרח התיכון עד המהפכה האסלאמית שהתחוללה בה ב־1979, וטורקיה החליפה אותה כבת ברית נאמנה עד שארדואן עלה לשלטון.

שישית, כשנפסיק יום אחד להיות נחמדים ונעמוד על האינטרסים שלנו, המדינות הללו יבטלו את ההסכמים. מרוקו הייתה ביחסים טובים איתנו עד שנת 2000, עת נאלצנו להתגונן בפני אינתיפאדת אוסלו. אפילו כעת, בירח הדבש, כאשר חוסל ד"ר פאחריזדה באיראן, קפצו באמירויות לגנות את ההתנקשות (אף שבסתר ליבם שמחו ובחדרי חדרים חיככו ידיהם בהנאה). שגרירי מצרים וירדן מבלים את רוב זמנם בארצם, במחאה סוערת, במקום בשגרירות בארץ.

כל זה נכון ויפה בקל וחומר כאשר מסתבר שההסכמים עם בחריין והאמירויות הם בבחינת שטחים תמורת שלום, שכן נתניהו הבטיח להם ולארה"ב שלא יספח את שטחי יהודה ושומרון, אפילו חלקית. מדוע בכלל לתת תמורה למדינות המפרץ כאשר ברי לכל בר דעת שיש להן אינטרס גדול לא פחות משלנו ליצור חזית אחידה ורחבה מול האויב האיראני? ואם כבר חותמים על הסכמי שלום כאמור, מדוע לא פותרים על הדרך את סוגיית המסתננים מסודן? מדוע לא מכלילים הסכם שמתעדף העסקת פלסטינים באמירויות (88 אחוזים מהתושבים שם אינם אזרחים אלא עובדים זרים), ובכך מעודדים הגירת צעירים פלסטינים מיו"ש אל המפרץ? לנתניהו הפתרונים.

כללו של דבר, עסקים נרחבים וטיולים היה אפשר לעשות בכל המדינות הללו גם במצב של אי־לוחמה, ובלי להסתבך בחסרונות שמניתי לעיל שנובעים מהחתימה על הסכמי שלום. שוב, לצערי, נתניהו מוכיח שאינו אסטרטג גדול כפי שהוא טוען. 



Atty. Doron Nir Tzvi is a real estate expert in Judea & Samaria. Used by permission.


URGENT UPDATE: As a result of the crowding of the US White House and some rioting during the counting of the electors' votes, there is a threat to the rest of US President Trump's presidency. We MUST declare sovereignty in Judea and Samaria NOW if we intend to do it at all!

Further reading: 

-- a summary of the secret clauses in the Oslo Accords (which apparently we were never told), contained in this post by Israel Truth Times a while ago. Hopefully we will learn not to listen to Lashon haRa about religious Jews! And, by the way, one of these clauses — put forward by the late Shimon Peres — is to have us give up our present borders including our most vital strategic positions, and join in an economic union with its Arab neighbors. Sound familiar? Victory without a shot fired???

Not that the following should matter to us so much because it's not up to anyone except HQB"H, but it's nice to hear...and we do need to move forward as far as we can go while the getting is good!

-- Pakistan: Top Cleric Says Israel Belongs to Jews

31 December 2020

It's time for elections. Where's Mashiah? Who is he?

 17 Tevet 5781

My first words for this article were: 

If haShem expects me to vote for Mashiah, he has to show up and be identified, even if he doesn't say a word. His actions will speak for him.

Well, we in Israel have been on a roller coaster for the last month or so, between the announcement of new elections, the killing of a young settler by police who drove the car he was in off the road (I'm tempted to call him our George Floyd, but there is a lot of difference between the two, so it is hard to put them together...even though someone made a cartoon of Ahuvya Sandak, z"l, with a policeman's knee on his neck; rabbis have called for an investigation)...

...and now the return to Israel of Jonathan and Esther Pollard just yesterday. Does he want to be in politics? An emphatic no! "I've suffered enough."  Welcome home, Jonathan and Esther!

Not to mention that we are in the midst of a grand worldwide experiment called the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine (none of the choices are officially approved by any health agency; in the US all approvals have been for emergency use only (EUA) and instructions explicitly state that nothing is promised in terms of benefits.) Germany (co-creator of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine) is jealous because we got ahead of them to deploy vaccines. Apparently we paid twice what Europe paid per dose, so we received it sooner, that's all. I only hope our prime minister's concern is not misguided. He called Pfizer's CEO personally (same link as the one immediately above).

Just before that, the three girls who were in prison in Bulgaria were freed just after Jonathan Pollard's onerous parole was declared over. I look forward to seeing other Jewish prisoners who are on the receiving end of punishments that are highly inappropriate for the crimes they committed, or who are innocent of them because others committed these crimes using them for bait, go free.

My head is spinning. Too much is going on, my computer hasn't been working and I am typing on another one for now. It has slowed me down on the blog, among other things. I hope the links are enough to explain and give substance to this article, so that my precious readers understand that it isn't just my opinion.

Happy secular new year 2021. I hope it won't be as scary as some are predicting, and that we'll see Mashiah ruling Israel instead of the crazy, immature organization that poses as our government!

(Ahuvya z"l's mother actually had to cry out, "Have you no shame?" when summoned by telephone to testify at the police station! And where is our government's response to that?)


I'm finding this "new normal" confusing. Do you? Perhaps R' Alon Anava can help us...

10 December 2020

Happy Hanukkah 5781!

 1st Candle - light of 25 Kislev 5781

Just a couple of my favorite Hanukkah songs...

Ocho Kandelikas - Kenny Ellis

Six13 - Bohemian Chanukah