28 December 2021

Who is G-d's firstborn son? And more...

 24 Tevet 5782 | כ"ד טבת ה"תשפ"ב

Blogger's note: First of all, I should warn my gentle readers (and my not-so-gentle ones too😉) that what follows may seem, or even be, what I'm terming "religiously politically incorrect" for some of you. Nevertheless, I write with the hope that we all seek the truth, whether it be PC or not.

I do not imagine that only Jews read this blog. Perhaps most readers are, but not all.

And away we go...


According to a well-known law, or principle of Scripture, the Law of First Mention, one must find the first place where the question is answered. It will be the "simplest, most understandable reference from which the others build." (source)

The answer to our title question is in our previous parasha, Shemoth (the beginning of the book of Exodus), 4:22.

The context of this verse is a chapter where the Lord is commanding Moshe Rabbenu (Moses our Teacher) to go to Par'oh and speak with him about the matter of freeing the nation of Israel to go and worship Him in the midbar (wilderness. The specific detail of the celebration of G-d in the wilderness occurs in 5:1.).

A breakdown of the translation of the last three words in the Hebrew: The noun "b'chori" means "my firstborn," which is masculine, referring to "b'ni, "my son." "Is" is understood, and Israel is the object of the noun phrase, which in English is rendered "my firstborn son." 

Does this mean that Jacob, who attained the name Israel in Bereshith (Genesis) 32:25-30,  is G-d's firstborn son?

No. The first thing we learn from the principle of the firstborn son of HQB"H is that it refers to a nation and not to a particular person from within that nation (or a person from within any other nation, for that matter).

I repeat: Israel, as presented in the context of the ending of Egyptian slavery, does not refer to Ya'aqov (Jacob), but to his progeny, the nation of Yisrael.

There are no two ways about it, and no other way to interpret it. Israel — the Jewish People — is named by G-d as His firstborn son.

My search for the law of first mention brought only Christian sites. I know that Chabad teaches this too (my mom went to Chabad events for quite some time, and she taught it to me); and I imagine that this is common-sense enough that others would do the same as well, and have come up with it on their own. This would especially apply to those who believe in the infallibility of the Word of G-d in its original language.

(Anyone who can clarify this for me, please feel free to use the comment section. Thanks in advance!)

The main point to remember here is that we do not deviate from what is learned in the first mention. We may learn more details and elaborations on it, but we may not turn away from what it essentially means and make it something else.

Those who seek to use this tool properly need to be sure it does not lead in a direction that may not be warranted. It would probably be best to use more than one Scriptural reference, to make sure there is no conflict. I am about to present one here, that Christians bring upon themselves because, for them, all roads lead to Otoh haIsh (Yoshke/the J man).

The source above, which I'm linking again here, gives an example in the first mention of blood, Hevel's (Abel's) blood at the hands of Kayin (Cain) in Bereshith (Genesis) 4:10, and ends up with the one we call Otoh haIsh (Yoshke/J). The path they took completely missed the verse we're discussing here, thus coming to conflicting conclusions, creating more questions than answers.

This constitutes a violation of the law of first mention because it basically wipes out a whole lot of Scripture that explains the concept of the son of G-d, as explained above and, I'm sure, elsewhere. Not to mention that their whole understanding of sacrifice is skewed, and the unmistakably human sacrifice of Yoshke "for the sins of the world" is expressly forbidden.

As my rabbi from the States told me many years ago, long before I made aliyah: It took haShem close to 2,000 years to wipe out the human sacrifice of ancient times, and Xianity brought it back.

Who knew?


R' Shimon Kessin firmly believes that both Christianity and Islam are above us today because we are still in violation of our obligation to love our fellow Jews. Listen here to the one on Christianity:


Official Israel proved this once again regarding a recent event in Dubai. A Jerusalem pavilion was created there, separate from the Israel pavilion — which presented Israel as a nondescript country, nothing particularly special — and labeled as belonging to "Palestine." Meaning, that Islam basically owns Jerusalem. 

Did our Ministry of Foreign Affairs do or say anything about it? The big question I have is...

Is this an accident, or is it a secret policy of our government to allow our ownership and responsibility for Jerusalem, our ancient capital, to be disavowed?

This question needs to be answered openly, publicly and honestly. We need to know the state of our governance, whether the system we live under can still serve us or not, on many levels and many issues besides this one. Basically, we cannot allow this desecration of our name and reputation to continue. Not only that, but we must be sure that we are ruled by those who have our best interest as a nation at heart.

Will we serve G-d or not?

We must do teshuva.

Avi Abelow introduced the following video:

Israel’s Foreign Ministry paid over $20 million to have a pavilion at the global expo in Dubai that is expecting 25 million visitors from around the world. Yet, instead of inspiring and exciting expo visitors with what makes the Jewish state of Israel unique and enticing to all of humanity, Israel’s foreign experts dropped the ball, big time. 
What bothers me more than the missed opportunity is the missing appreciation for their own heritage and homeland, that actually is what so many people around the world are so starving to experience on a visit to Israel.



A Huge Win for the Jewish People in our Holy City of Hevron (Video) |

23 December 2021

Jews & Christmas Trees by Efraim Palvanov (Mayim Achronim) — and more

 19 Tevet 5782 | י"ט טבת ה"תשפ"ב


As we approach Christmas and New Year’s Eve and start seeing “Christmas trees” popping up all around us, it is worth exploring where this custom came from, and what the Torah might say about it. It is especially important to address because some Jews from the former Soviet Union continue to have a (seemingly) non-religious “New Year’s tree” yolka in their homes, as do assimilated and intermarried Jews across Europe and America. Is it okay to have such a tree in a Jewish home? As might be expected, the short answer is “no”. To properly understand why, we must take an eye-opening trip back in time.

 Read more HERE


I would note that many Jews, at least where I came from in the States, mock X-mas trees as "Hanukkah bushes."

 More reading on this topic:

21st Century Idolatry | Former missionary warns Jews about aggressive tactics to bring them to yeshu | Leaving Christianity and Finding the Truth in Torah Judaism | Yad l'Achim (English) |


22 November 2021

Ever-changing mandates and definitions: Where are we going with this?

18 Kislev 5782 |   חי כסלו ה"תשפ"ב


Recently I saw a comment on Arutz-7 that revived an issue I have seen many times: A lot of people believe that the Jewish People has a self-destructive streak; and now this observation has been applied to Israel. Particularly now that we are best known for being the world's guinea pig regarding the Covid-19 vaccines (I prefer to call them "experimental study intervention injections" after the term used by Pfizer. May I just shorten it to ESII?).

 In fact, it is mentioned in Scripture: G-d seems to be worried that even He can't heal us. See this previous post (it's part 2 of 3) and its commentary. Yirmiyahu Lamed, yod-bet & yod-gimel (30: 12 & 13).

 Here's an example article from Arutz-7, undated: Why Are We Jews So Self-Destructive? It might not be the one I mentioned above, but it will have to do.

And, here's a DDG search.

Many Israelis have asked that question especially after the Oslo Accords began in September 1993. Every decision since then seems to have been made with our destruction in mind more than usual.

But, it turns out, we've been under emergency measures taken when we became a state in 1948 that have never ceased since! (1994 paper, Michigan Journal of Law) | Springer, Emergency as a State of Mind, from The Rule of Crisis by Suzie Navot, 2018) | (search for more evidence)

And we wonder why.

Has anyone noticed that the government never allowed itself to take anything but punitive actions against the enemies that surround us?

The worst actions have been always against the Jews who live here. Some of them: The expulsion from the Sinai, with a focus on Yamit, in 1972; the expulsion from Gush Qatif and northern Shomron in 2005; the severe slowing down of housing development in Yehuda and the Shomron; and the hesitancy to affirm our sovereignty in these areas.

Blaming Jews for violent actions against Arabs, for which some are still in jail, without proving they did such things, while killings of Jews by Arabs go unresolved. Duma, 2015, anyone?

The killing of a 16-year-old Jewish young man almost a year ago by police, which the relevant authorities have yet to answer for. Lately, people have been protesting this issue again (one example) (search for more). 

Yesterday a lone soldier was murdered near the Kotel (Western Wall). His funeral was today.

And many, many more. Whatever happened to the Jewish right to return to our land to live in peace here?

And now, our response to Covid-19. Our Ministry of Health has mandated more vaccines for adults (see this post for more; our fourth one hasn't started yet, be"H), and now is voting to vaccinate ages 5-11. Protesters have been out in the streets (see the video on this page), but does anyone at the top levels listen?

And now our Health Minister wants daily COVID testing on infants (article here). Where does this stop?

The ESII. How many people have taken it and had adverse reactions to it? Just like the US, no one knows for sure. As the Israeli People's Committee wrote to the FDA, we have nothing like VAERS here. The one thing we used to report AEs was ruined by the erasure of thousands of reports recently. 

The voting for a new government system, that will make us a dictatorship for sure, will make us the laughing stock of the world. Some democracy!

But perhaps this is HQB"H's way of making room for His plan, to be brought about when Mashiah is revealed.

Hey, why not? I think we're all seeing today that democracy Israeli style is not all it's cracked up to be. For that matter, no style of democratic government is working well in the "global" environment.

As for the dictatorship style, whether communist or socialist, it still reminds us of Mitzrayim: the government had the authority over what we put into our bodies, when we work and for how long each day...from each according to his ability, to each according to his need...does anyone remember who said it?

Sounds nice, but not very motivating. You pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work is how it usually went in real life.

So, why, already? you might ask.

Just as Jews in the know speak about Erev Rav behavior (after the mixed multitude that followed Moshe Rabbenu and the newborn nation of Israel out of Mitzrayim, we should also speak about the children of Lavan (Laban) the Wicked.

Every Pessah we speak of Lavan, who wanted to wipe out the family of Ya'acov (Jacob) to the very last person.

Do you think he ever gave up on that dream of his? Since they are closely related to us (Lavan is Yaacov's uncle, the father of all four of Ya'acov's wives, plus he's the grandson of Avraham's brother Haran). Unlike the Erev Rav, who were mostly Egyptians, they can fit in and pass very well for children of Israel. And apparently they do, quite regularly.

Both groups of the worst enemies of the Jews have behavioral traits that, if you know what to look for, you can spot.

It seems to me that, while the Erev Rav want to seduce us into living as they do, the Bnei Lavan (whom some call Sabeans or Sabians, but maybe they've just been living alongside us for generations?) just want to do us in. Both are extremely good with words; put it just the right way and we'll be eating out of your hand. Just review the last aliyah of VaYetzé and see how Lavan butters Ya'acov up when he catches up at the mountain. 

And listen to how people speak to the citizens of Israel when they want us to line up for experimental shots and keep taking them.

Does the language sound familiar?

Don't look behind the curtain at the young athletes dying on the playing fields of other nations shortly after getting the shots. Nothing to see there...


What is waiting for us before the coming of Mashiach? 
You will find a number of interesting definitions in this video, from the CDC.


And for the soldiers, an inspiration: The Real Inglorious Basterds: The story behind the movie
(NOT shmirath einayim and not for the timid either!)

h/t: Israel Unwired


We need to keep demanding:

 Show me "the coronavirus." SARS-Cov-2.

It's a great idea from The Jerusalem Report dated 20 November, with a guest, Ricardo from South Africa.

Let's not conflate issues; I don't mean its effect on people. I mean the actual organism. Tell us and show us the difference between this second version and the other dangerous coronaviruses such as SARS and MERS. Let's include the difference between each of the variants, while we're at it.

If "the virus" can't be isolated enough to be shown and proven that it is different from others like it, then there is no justification for turning the world upside down with ever-changing mandates and definitions.

The health associations and ministries of the world have the burden of proof. We ordinary citizens aren't obligated to believe the words of those who put off virtually until forever any obligation on the part of the pharmaceutical companies to be forthcoming about the details of what happened during this period of time that we are all suffering until the revelation of Yo'el Tzidkenu (our righteous redeemer).


And while our attention is on the above, tell me what you think of this article, describing a development that might make it all moot, has"v. 

Is it possible we've been looking in the wrong direction?

04 November 2021

#I oppose the law about to be passed, h"vs...

Erev Rosh Hodesh Kislev 5782


Just because last night I wasn't able to get a password to the Israeli Ministry of Justice (Hebrew עברית) (summary & commentary in English) on time to protest the law extending the Covid-19 laws (Hebrew)  that we have been living under for nearly two years now, doesn't mean I can't protest at all. I hope every Israeli who has any sense, who hears of this who sees the evil in this law, and who wasn't able to protest on the MOJ website, will protest on whatever media, social or otherwise, that they can. As of today, I have not heard that it passed.

Law is not G-d. He is the Creator of law; He created the best laws, both for Jews and non-Jews, and the mess the world has been in right up until this present moment can be attributed to rebellion against His laws.

Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it. (Teh. 34:15)

I haven't seen the actual Hebrew for the following picture, which is meant to summarize what's in store...but I pray it turns out not to be true, that H' will intervene and replace the whole governance system we live under now with the coming of Mashiah, the Sanhedrin and the Beit haMiqdash (Holy Temple, version 3).

The deadline already passed; we must do what we can from where and when we are. 
Did any of us imagine that in our beloved homeland this would happen???

#I oppose the law!

אני נגד החוק#

More about this


Today is my Hebrew birthday; so I want to bless all my readers with all good things, including: courage and a calm spirit, constant provision and parnassah, health, ways and opportunities to avoid all the evil and to do good, and many ways to spread the good to your family and those around you; and that you and yours will survive to greet Mashiah with all Israel.


UPDATE: 50,000 Women


A giant demonstration of women and children at the Rose Garden in Jerusalem, between the Knesset and the Supreme Court, on 9 November 2021 (5 Kislev 5782) between 2:30 and 6:00 PM (that's tomorrow, at the time I'm posting - HDG). I have no idea who is organizing it. Check with the contact information at the bottom of the poster above. 

The sign the child is holding up says: Enough!

A rough translation of the NOes and the last line:

  • NO! to forcing experimental vaccines on children.
  • NO!  to conducting tests that lead to endless isolation.
  • NO! to coerce wearing masks that block the airways.
  • NO! We want our children to be emotionally sensitive, for their sake, to enable them to live a stable and normal life.*
  • NO! to depriving the children of the natural faces of their parents.*

Dear mothers, join us in the battle for the protection of our children!


*...especially the last two lines, if you have a better way of saying it in English, please write me at my blog email. TIA!

H/T: Devorah Chaya


Avi Abelow (Pulse of Israel) interviews Dr. Paul Alexander, a Health Advisor to US Health & Human Services (HHS) under the Trump administration about "the shots"


Ilana Rachel Daniel interviews several lawyers and other people concerning Israel's real situation regarding C-19 and "the shots" on The Jerusalem Report 


20211110 The women at the demonstration yesterday were harassed by low-flying helicopters (a sample of one,  HERE).

The Women for the Children of Israel (50.000 נשים למען ילדי ישראל) has a Telegram channel HERE (Hebrew עברית).

Rav Chaim Kanievsky's Daughter: NO MORE SHOTS

29 October 2021

Mashiah ben Rahel and Mashiah ben Leah...?

23 Heshvan 5782

In honor of the yom neshama (anniversary of the passing on) of Rahel Imenu just passed; also for the yom neshama of my uncle, Sam ben Nazira uMoshe, which was 20 Heshvan.


The videos below, by the twin Ravs Shimon and Mendel Kessin, respectively, have been stewing around in my neshama for the last couple of weeks, and I thought I'd share a few of my thoughts from them.

Rahel Imenu (daughter of Lavan, who was Rivka's brother and Avraham and Sarah's great-nephew) played a large part in Jewish survival by doing several things related to family issues:

  • giving up her position as Yaacov Avinu's only wife, which she would have been if she hadn't given her sister Leah the secret codes and arranged for her go first.
  • giving up her place in the grave beside her husband, in Hevron, and being buried on the side of a road going out of Eretz Yisrael, so that she could cry for her descendants when they were forced out, and help them in times of trouble, even in our times. We still go to her grave during wartime, and Israeli soldiers have even seen and been helped by her. Here's another story on thatAnd yet another.
  •  by doing all the above, she enabled us to survive galuth. She even passed on this trait to special people in her line of descent, like Esther haMalkah, who gave up her position among the Jewish People in Persia and the other 126 countries in the Persian empire in order to save them from Haman the Agagite (descended from Amalek).
  • and, by the way, we wouldn't have Yosef haTzaddik, the ancestor of Mashiah ben Yosef, without his mother, Rahel.

So what would hurt if we prayed for the revelation of Mashiah ben Yosef ben Rahel and Mashiah ben David ben Leah? Since we're praying for living people here, we usually identify them by their mother's name. Sephardim often identify passed-on people by their mother's name also.

The True Sacrifice of Rochel Imeinu

The Weapon of Mashiach Ben Yosef

Avraham Avinu and the Imperative to Do the Tikkun


Thanks to SG for sending the videos.

26 October 2021

Interesting coronavirus news...

20 Heshvan 5782




The first section of this post is just for education, mine as well as yours. Please don't take this advice without confirming (or denying) its veracity and consulting with your medical professional.


I'm sure many people (otherwise known, to some, as potential or actual experimental subjects) are concerned about the "vaccine" shots. For people who are nevertheless into getting the experimental study intervention(1), early last week I encountered a very good suggestion made by a retired British nurse with 30 years' experience who has taught quite a few nurses how to give shots, in a video from April 2021. 

His name is Dr. John Campbell, from the United Kingdom, and his 'Dr.' is a PhD in open learning resources for nurses. So, he's been in nursing and health education for quite some time. A lot of people follow his (as far as I can tell from what I've seen so far) sensible talking points to take back to their medical teams/physicians.

I derived a major tip I got from the two videos at the end of this section — no one else, from what I can tell, which might be quite limited, has mentioned it — it's something Dr. Campbell wishes would be brought back as standard procedure. 

The following, while not directly quoted, is from his material at the end of this section of the post (sections are indicated by *** at the end). 

Before you get injected, ask the nurse who is going to give you the shot to aspirate the needle before putting the vial contents in. 

Aspiration in Hebrew is aspirátzia אספירציה.

If the nurse refuses to aspirate the needle for you, or doesn't know how to do it, you have every right to walk out without taking the shot. It's a Nuremberg Code law and you don't have to consent obey. 

Again, if this news perturbs you, or even if it doesn't, please watch the two videos at the end of this section of the post, and find out why.

As with anything involving the heart, myocarditis and pericarditis are not as light a matter as they're made out to be!

Dr. Campbell mostly refers to the J&J and AZ products, since they are being used in his country, England. I highly suspect that Israeli nurses haven't been aspirating their needles either, considering the number of myocarditis and pericarditis reactions we've had here; according to what he says, the same would apply to the Pfizer product and, for that matter, any vaccine. The good doctor thinks that not aspirating the needle before injecting is the reason for all the myocarditis and pericarditis adverse reactions from the experimental study intervention all over the world.

Also, having this procedure done before injecting you doesn't guarantee that you won't have any adverse reactions. But it will mitigate them by taking out the circulatory system- and heart-related complications that have a lot of us very well frightened for ourselves, our spouses and especially our children. 

We do want them to have a life, right?
He is pro-vaccine, nevertheless he has reservations about the way the Covid-19 vaccination effort is being carried out. In the two videos below, he makes it clear why the aspiration procedure MUST be renewed and followed for intramuscular shots such as vaccines, to avoid certain nasty problems, which we've already discussed.

This is not an anti-vaccination position. It is a matter of common decency, or as we like to call it here in Israel, derekh eretz. More precisely, it is a matter of performing the procedure correctly. If that cannot be accommodated, then we need to walk away. 

And there is more reason to walk away anyway - see the rest of the post.

Dr. Campbell explains all this very well, and more professionally than I ever could...


Aspirate to vaccinate! (15 Apr 2021)
NOTE: 11 min in - some news about Israel
Aspiration, Q&A; other topics may be included. (30 Sep 2021)


More recent news...

The videos above would be the end of today's post, if the way people were given vaccines were the only major problem we have. However, America's Frontline Doctors (AFLD) has got ahold of a letter and video from an independent group of Israeli physicians, lawyers, scientists and researchers called the Professional Ethics Front (החזית המקצועית לאתיקה). Dr. Yaffa Shir Raz, Haifa and Reichman Universities and IDC Hertzliyah International School's Health and Risk Communication lecturer, is interviewed by Mordechai Sones (usually for Arutz -7; but in this case, it seems he's doing this on his own) concerning the group's report to the US FDA expressing severe concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine reporting system here. Both of these items explain how we really, really weren't prepared to be the world's laboratory — to say the least.

The topics the letter deals with are:

  • Lack of a public and transparent adverse events reporting system
  • Severe impairments in healthcare professionals' adverse events reporting system
  • Data distortion
  • Legal and ethical violations in data collection processes

 More on the PEF on Facebook. Please feel free to let me know how you like the organization and its site, since I don't have FB. So far, the posts I was able to see are in English; but there might be Hebrew also (and other languages?).


Dr. Shir Raz wrote an article last year that was taken down from Ynet about Israel's Ministry of Health's decisions on the virus as a cause of death. The following articles (two of them featuring Dr. Shir Raz, regarding her article) on Arutz-7 were written by Mordechai Sones in 2020. I have placed them in reverse publish date order: 

Health expert predicts eventual COVID-19 commission of inquiry

Who informs government COVID-19 policy?

Journalist 'stands behind' removed COVID-19 article


More reading:

'We're in the middle of a major biological catastrophe' | Global COVID Summit | How to give a good shot [how nurses think now - HDG] (Slate) | Orwell City: Research on the study intervention in Spanish and English

Considering #BeagleGate - how do we continue to trust the American doctor in charge of beating COVID-19??? A sampling of articles below, plus a search link to more.

 BeagleGate Strikes Fauci | Anthony Fauci Facing Quiz over NIH Funding for 'De-barking' Beagle Puppies | Beyond #BeagleGate: Fauci Experiments on Children??? | More on DDG, fauci beagle gate |


I wish my readers excellent and fearless decision-making as well as excellent health.

Something positive from my WhatsApp feed: Authorities here are refunding closure-related fines handed out unlawfully last year! Details for Israelis who still haven't collected what is due them.
(1) study intervention - I didn't make this up. I got it out of this Pfizer document.