03 March 2017

A Heart's Cry for Help

5 Adar 5777
Erev Shabbath Terumah

Please also pray for Ezriel ben Shifra (עזריאל בן שפרא), who has just been found to be in such a bad way that his wife won't talk about it; no medical treatments have helped him.
Some of my readers are probably familiar with the following cry for help:

"Please read and please help me!!! Someone started a Chesed Fund for me to raise the money needed for Rabbi Eliezer Berland to help me. I'm suffering so much from antibiotics I never needed and the doctor knew I was allergic to! I swelled up all the nerves in my brain to my mouth throat and neck into my body causing constant non stop burning fire and paralysis l!!

"Please read all about me and my situation below!! Please help me!!😢😢😢😢

"Very Urgent help for a miracle needed desperately to survive!! Please help me!!😢😢😢😢(caused by doctors giving antibiotic that was never needed and allergic to) my case is very very rare!!

"I, my husband and our families are all natives of Lakewood, NJ. My husband is a cousin to the 4th Belzer Rebbe and a family member had a health miracle 60 years ago. Please help me! I need a health miracle! I have cranial neuritis cause by doctors giving me an antibiotic that I never needed and am allergic to! Please, I beg with tears for help! My case is extremely rare!! 

"I beg with tears for help, please help me! I need a decree to restore my health!! Please help me!! Rav Amram Vaknin, Rav Chaim Kanievsky, Rav Meir Shechter, Rav Gamliel Rabinowitz .... Please help me get to them!! Please I need to get help from a great Tzadik please!!! I cannot feel my entire mouth throat or neck (my skull is swollen and face from the nerves being swollen) my chest shoulders back into spine and stomach and burn on fire non stop causing paralysis! Please help me! Here is my story!!

"I have an autoimmune disease set off by Keflex 30 years ago and biaxin for a tooth infection in February 2015 that threw me under the bus! (My father passed away as well and taught everyone from Lakewood to NY to Israel for free not to studder)

"My body is attacking my trigememinal and glossopharngeal nerves (cranial nerves) vagus too, neck into my spine in neck down back! My entire mouth throat palate tongue sinuses cheeks occipital (I can feel the swelling of all the nerves in brain and brainstem! I have atrophy in my face from the nerves inside my mouth and swelling near my ears and atrophy with my ears as well! Please help me stop the autoantibodies from attacking my central nervous system (cranial nerves and spine)!

"Looking for natural treatment only! Big Pharma ruined my life!!

"I need a miracle now please HaShem!! I cannot do this anymore! I'm suffering so much!! Help me now! Answer me now and send me my messenger now and do not forsake me please! I beg with tears for your help! I need to live!! Too much to do!! I want to save lives and help everyone!! Help me please!! Save me now and send my miracle of health completely now!!! Send Moshiach for the entire living world now please!! Peace and health for all life on earth!!"

Chaya Shaina Chana Bas Itcha [update: "Itcha" is pronounced like "scratch your itch," straight from Chaya Shaina Chana.  -CDG]
Here is a little more background on our sister in Israel:
I first read about her in my local N’shei e-newsletter about a year or so ago. She wrote me the following after I responded to her email, which she wrote following my last post.

She was a medical lab technician and a nurse before her illness. She is extremely and painfully aware of her condition and plight, making her suffering worse than can be imagined by anyone not in the medical profession, or otherwise in the healing arts. She told me:

I'm written off!! It is an inflammatory Demylinating disease of the cranial nerves and spine!! (Central nervous system brought on by Big Pharma!) if the swelling would stop, the pain and non stop burning would stop and do would the damage (paralysis). Any nerve that gets inflamed, loses function (paralysis). You cannot live without eating or breathing! The largest of the 12 pairs of cranial nerves are all affected! Words along cannot describe my suffering! I use to drink coffee and tea and ate organic vegan , saved animals, and walked 21 miles a week up until February 2015 after taking another antibiotic that threw me under the bus swelling the nerves even more so! I need a miracle!... I need a Tzadik to make a decree to remove this evil disease!

"By the way, being that the nerves are the largest in the brain, the swelling of them doesn't kill you immediately! The longer you have the swelling , you lose the myelin sheaths that conduct signals. Once the myelin is completely destroyed, paralysis takes place! You have no idea what it means to burn on fire non stop until you feel no more!! I cried plenty over the years and now my worst fear happened!! You can live without a leg or arm not your head neck mouth throat, etc!!

"I'm on fire in the largest cranial nerves. My face is swollen , atrophy, cannot feel my mouth or throat anymore and it's hard to breath because the vagus is the longest cranial nerve and that too is affected. It's my entire head throughout. I burn and tingle non stop and feel like I'm being choked and I am! Cannot live without your cranial nerves!”

Did she say she needs a miracle?

Please help. CLICK HERE AND DONATE…large or small. Erev Shabbat is a good time to start! And don't forget to pray for Chaya Shaina Chana Bas Itcha to be healed with all the sick of Israel.

Thank you!!!!
P.S. When this post gets pushed down, the link to her Chesed Fund page will still be in the upper-right corner of my blog until the situation is resolved, with the help of G-d, in her favor. May our fight for her healing bring merit to Am Yisrael and hasten geulatenu hashlemah (our complete redemption)!