14 January 2018

The Exodus and Moshe's Donkey - R' Ephraim Sprecher - Plus Videos!

27 Tevet 5778

Moses' and Mashiah's Donkey? Source

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The Exodus and Moshe’s Donkey
by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher

When G-d sent Moshe to Egypt to free Israel, the Torah states, “And Moshe took his wife and sons and mounted them on the donkey” (Shmot 4:20). Rashi makes a strange comment on this verse, “the Donkey that Moshiach will utilize to usher in the Final Redemption”. How do we understand this odd comment of Rashi’s? Can a donkey live for thousands of years? And why will Moshiach not drive a Lexus or a Volvo? What’s up with the Moshiach and the Donkey?

The explanation is that Rashi is speaking metaphorically. Rashi means that when G-d appointed Moshe to be the Redeemer of Israel, He set those cosmic forces in motion that will culminate and climax with the coming of Moshiach.

Also, the pattern of the Exodus and the Final Redemption is the way a donkey walks, two steps forward and one step back. The road to Redemption in the Exodus and Moshiach’s Coming is not straight forward. There will be setbacks as it was in Egypt. But the Redemption Process is moving forward and CANNOT BE STOPPED.

As the prophet Michah states (7:16), “As in the days of your leaving Egypt,  I (G-d) shall show them marvelous wonders.” The prophet’s words imply that the Exodus from Egypt is the precedent for the Final Redemption.

The Midrash Tanchuma states, “Just as in Egypt, I (G-d) shall redeem you in the Messianic future and shall perform miracles for you.”

Indeed, gradual, phased redemption is already found in Egypt, as in the 4 redemption expressions with which G-d addresses Moshe, “Therefore tell Israel that I am G-d.
1. and I will remove you from the suffering of Egypt,
2. and I will save you from your enslavement.
3. I will redeem you with an outstretched arm.
4. and I will take you to Me as a people … I will be for you G-d.” (Shemot 6:6,7).

These verses refer to the 4 stages of redemption. The 1st stage constituted a lightening of Israel’s physical hardship, although they continued to be Pharaoh’s slaves.

The 2nd stage constituted the total cessation of their enslavement. Even so, Israel was not yet free but still under the control of the Egyptian King.

With the final plague of the killing of the firstborn came the 3rd stage, in which Israel was redeemed totally with great miracles and great judgements.

Yet Israel was still mired in the 49 levels of impurity. Finally, came the 4th stage, in which we were taken to be G-d’s Chosen People.

At the time of the redemption Israel was not worthy of it, and yet G-d still redeemed us. This is stated in the Midrash Shemot Rabba, “G-d said, ‘If I consider Israel’s deeds, they will never be redeemed. Whom shall I then consider? The merit of and the promise to their righteous and holy Avot.’ ”

It is Israel’s lack of merit which delays redemption. Therefore, before introducing the 4 expressions of redemption, G-d says, “Therefore tell Israel that I am G-d.” On this verse the Midrash Hagadol comments, “I(G-d) know that Israel will constantly rebel against Me and anger Me. Even so, I (G-d) shall redeem them for the sake of My Holy Name. “

The redemption comes when Israel recognizes Hashem as our G-d, as occurred during Stage 4 of the redemption process which was at the Sinai Revelation.

Yet the Torah goes on and brings a 5th expression of redemption: “And I will bring you to the land which I swore that I will give to Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov. I will give it to you as an inheritance, for I am G-d.” (Shemot:6:8).

From the redemption from Egypt we learn that complete redemption consists of the freedom of Israel (“I will redeem you.”) and living in Eretz Yisrael, (“I will bring you to the land.”) and belief in G-d and fulfillment of His Mitzvot (“I will be for you G-d”) (Shemot:6:8)

The Final Redemption will reach completion by a gradual process, like the Exodus from Egypt. Thus, the Zohar states that the Exodus from Egypt is the Road Map and the Long and Winding Road to the Final Redemption.


Videos from the last two (2) parashioth...



 Shavua tov v'hodesh tov!

07 January 2018

Pirsum haNes : Asher ElMaliah...and R' Eliezer Berland

21 Tevet 5778

UPDATE: B"H Mr. ElMaliah has been released from the hospital!!!

Asher ElMaliah (אשר אלמליח) before the attack. (WhatsApp/Facebook. Found at Times of Israel.)
TRIGGER WARNING for my male readers: A video in this post (in Hebrew, towards the end) has women in it. If you need to turn away, you may just listen to the audio. There is no singing. The same audio is also present at Shuvu Banim's site here and turns on automatically as you enter the page (the link is also elsewhere in the post).

Pirsum haNes (פרשום הנס) is advertising/spreading news about a miracle. It’s why Jews light Hanukkah candles every year in Kislev, which was not so long ago. But, the miracle I’m writing about is here and now, among us “moderns” and “post-moderns” whether religious or not. A skeptical generation, among whom professional skeptics can be found trying to shut down any notion that there can be a reality beyond the material world; and if not that, then the notion that this supernatural reality can manifest itself here in real time and real place.

I have written concerning R’ Eliezer Berland before; and now, Rivka Levy (Emunaroma) just put more ammunition into my hand, whether she knows it or not. 

If you understand spoken Hebrew, and read it, you can see and hear for yourself. Here’s what is translated into English: A timely pidyon-nefesh payment to R’ Berland literally saved Asher ElMaliah’s life; unbeknownst to the family, it was given to them before the incident and they were able to give it quickly.

You may recall that Mr. ElMaliah is the security guard who was stabbed by an Arab directly into his heart a couple of weeks ago. As if it could be any worse already – he had in fact passed away, according to his brother, R’ Shlomo ElMaliah, on Kan Channel 11*.). But he was restored to life, and I heard a woman say in the Hebrew interview that he was in a situation of death twice. When I finally found the video, below, I saw that the woman was his sister Shulamit.

R' Shlomo ElMaliah, Asher's brother, center. From Kan, found at Shuvu Banim. Video below (Hebrew).

There are 2 other audio files, 3 files all together, on the Shuvu Banim page. They are labeled ElMaliah 1 and ElMaliah 2. (אלמליח 1 & 2) and they appear to be transcribed in part in Hebrew there. I wish I had time to translate them (and, I'm sorry to say that I'm not especially good or fast at it)! I do know that R’ Berland’s name is mentioned.

I am looking forward to reading about what he experienced Upstairs…if haShem will let him tell the tale. Times of Israel has the latest article I could find on him.

Now, to you skeptics. How do you justify accusing Rav Berland of wrongdoing? If HaQadosh Baruch Hu does not accuse him, and even makes miracles for him, why do you continue to oppose him and persecute him? 

Are you out of your minds? HQB”H does NOT do these things for evil people who have not made teshuva (returned to HIM). You have to decide for yourselves whether the Rav sinned and made teshuva, or whether your accusations are false; and don’t forget, this is a matter of FACT, not opinion. But, any way you want to look at it, you will have to give them up.

Never mind emuna, for the moment. The thinking and observational skills you rely on are sorely lacking and have failed you. Now, what will you do?

Below is the clip I couldn't find on Kan's YouTube channel; nevertheless, it is still on YouTube all by itself. 

TRIGGER WARNING: Women are present: medical personnel and relatives. The only immodest things I can find here are perhaps the lack of hair covering (I say, perhaps, because I don't know who is married and who is not.) and uniform style (we can't do anything about that, for now.). I cannot prohibit the presence of women who took part in the saving of Asher Maliah, or who belong to his family. Those who need to turn away can always just listen to the audio. There is no singing.

Just as important, this video also includes the part about R' Eliezer Berland and the pidyon nefesh, as does the audio on the Shuvu Banim site.

 *Kan כאן Channel 11 is the replacement of the Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA). It means "here."

Here is someone who still needs a pidyon nefesh — Chaya Shaina Chana bat Itcha suffers greatly every minute — share in her healing and take a share in the mitzvah!

And finally...a R' Ephraim Sprecher video: Shifra & Puah - the REAL Wonder Women!

May Asher ben Sa'ada (or ben Tamar - whichever works...whichever is his mother's Hebrew name; both have been reported) come back fully to life, family and good deeds; and may he merit to see Mashiah Zidkenu with all 'Am Yisrael!