29 February 2016

33 Hours for 33 Jews Murdered in 'Terror Wave'

20 Adar Alef 5776

Yesterday the Women for Israel's Tomorrow ("Women in Green") and friends began a 33-hour vigil in front of the Prime Minister's residence because, in the words of Nadia Matar and Yehudit Katsover,

It is impossible to continue this way. 

We must put an end to the routine, in honor of the memory of those who have been murdered. 

We must stop the stuttering, first of all in the matter of our ownership of the Land. 

We must, once and for all, cut off the hope of the enemy. Yes. The hope. It is not despair that drives the enemy, but hope. The hope of establishing a Palestinian state in the heart of our Land. This is what they are fighting for. And this hope must be cut off by the application of Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria and the implementation of sovereignty in our entire Land. 

There must be a final resolution of the most basic question regarding our existence and when the enemies see our government's determination, they will understand that they must accept reality. This is what we will say today and tomorrow to the prime minister near his residence in Jerusalem for 33 hours. Join us!
When they wrote the email, they had just visited the home of Eliav Gelman, hy"d, from Karmei Tsur, the 33rd fatality in this most recent terror wave, which began on Rosh HaShana 5776 (Sept. 13, 2015). The sign above refers to the way the nations order us around — and our leadership obeys, telling us that this the path to being a normal nation. Many of us Israelis disagree with that explanation because the results speak for themselves. Or, rather, they shout loudly. Because we are a nation of returnees, a large percentage of us remember how a normal nation is supposed to behave, and we are not fooled. Above all, we believe that Israel is to be a normal nation on its own terms, and not those of the rest of the world.

I was at the vigil yesterday, and I am still clarifying until when they will be there today. By my reckoning, ending at 6 PM (18:00) will fulfill the whole 33 hours because they started at 9 AM (9:00) yesterday. Israelis are invited to attend while it is still happening.

CORRECTION: Nadia Matar wrote me that they started at 6am yesterday, so they will end earlier than I had thought.

More videos are forthcoming. The ones I had access to from yesterday are in Hebrew, below. Each one is less than 5 minutes long.

MK Moti Yogev (Bayit haYehudi)

Binyamin Council head and Yesh"a leader Avi Ro'eh

Jerusalem City Councilman Dov Kalmanovich

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More Videos: Nashim BeYarok You-Tube Channel

17 February 2016

Is Israel Appeasing Hitler’s Heirs?

8 Adar Alef 5776

“…since justice is the heart of our concerns, and years have gone by without update or result, it has to be said that justice has not been achieved here. At the same time, it should also be acknowledged that the responsibility of the US government is to administer justice for its citizens, including for my murdered daughter Malki and for her family.

“If some larger truth lies behind the lack of momentum, that truth ought to be disclosed. If diplomatic considerations override the law enforcement imperatives, we wish that were made known too. If foreign governments are thwarting US government efforts to enforce its laws, that too should be known.”
-Arnold Roth, father of Malka Chana Roth, hy”d, testifying at a hearing on national security in the US


Mr. Roth certainly has an excellent question: Something larger must lurk behind the lack of response to the families of terror victims, especially Jewish ones, and especially Jewish Israelis, for whom a particular agency, the Office of Justice for Victims of Overseas Terrorism (OVT) and its program were created and designed. This bureau happens to be in the United States and the article linked to above is about American citizens. But a thinking person must wonder whether there is any other evidence of concern, no matter how small, anywhere in the world, for Jewish citizens of their countries. Considering that money for the support of the enemies of the Jews comes largely from other countries, one must ask whether there is a hateful attitude involved, or just a hypocritical one.

I, like many others, wish he had not had to ask this question or bring up the other issues that he and other families of terror victims face from Israel’s “best friend.”

How, despite all the words that have been spoken, promises that have been made, have we come to a time when jailed terrorists, also known as convicted murderers, get more money than honest, hard-working people, to the point where in some places it is considered a career choice or an industry? Are we going to see an article on LinkedIn on it in the near future? Is the Dow Jones Industrial Average going to have a line on it? (How many remember the movie, Murder Inc.? I don’t remember ever seeing it – but my train of thought ran to the title.) Or are we just going to see military industrial complex activity going up out of sight?

Does everyone else get a safe space except for the Jews?

Are the Arabs only as good as the number of Jews (and anyone else they find “worthy”) they kill on behalf of the rest of the world? Could this explain why Europe and the US are letting “refugees” into their countries?

This last question might have startled you; but, it might be worth reading an article series that proposes that the Palestinians are where they are just so that they can finish the job Hitler started right here in Israel. Whether you find it credible or not, consider just a few things (I could insert quite a bit more, but then I’d have to put off posting even longer than I have already):

  • Mr. Roth and his daughter Malki, and Sherri Mandell and her son Koby are only a couple of examples — and my dear reader must realize there are much more recent examples from Israel, like the family of Ezra Schwartz, who suffered back in November 2015 from the delay of acknowledgment of his murder from the US Government, while others who were killed contemporaneously with him were (premium link). It has become plain to many of us in Israel that America has either stopped being our friend, or possibly never has been.
  • Many promises made to the Jewish People have been broken, such as the British one on partition.
  • A law proposed in the Israeli Knesset to enforce financial transparency on non-governmental organizations here has been opposed in the United States, despite the fact that it has a similar law that is even harsher than the one proposed by Israel. PM Netanyahu has announced that the bill will be tweaked to better reflect the US law. We’ll see how far this gets.
  • The US is now selling Israel satellite network-enabled operations aircraft (Caroline Glick points out its Internet dependency). Considering that Russia might be after control and/or destruction of the World Wide Web, and that all aircraft run on the American system must be updated after each and every flight and approved to fly or else it cannot take off, I would not be surprised if we considered a different path for our self-defense needs; and I agree with Ms. Glick that we might be better off doing so. Americans are so good at advertising, one wonders what the cost will be in the end. We could get stuck with billions of intentionally-grounded planes in the face of our well-supplied enemy bearing down on us...
  • While the nations are making their ultimate plans against us, they leave us to face a continuous bitter cycle of terror. I only disagree with Esser Agaroth about the Arabs' Ultimate Goal (center of graphic below): I believe it is to play their part in fulfilling Hitler's wish to wipe us out, not just to take our land.
Used by permission from Esser Agaroth (2¢).

  • UPDATE, FINAL POINT (for now): And, of course, there is the recent murder of Dafna Meir, the nurse from Otniel and mother of 6. In particular, she is an example of a special kind of Jew who is neglected even by other Jews: the "settler" or inheritor of the land. It particularly disturbed me about her when I read words attributed to Miri Regev, who attended her funeral and eulogized her:

"You are a symbol of life. Against you stood a vile murderer. This was not regular terror or an extreme religious ideology. In the name of the government I have come to ask your forgiveness. We were not able to protect you."

What did she mean, 'we were not able'? She should have said, we were not willing to do what it takes to protect ALL Israel, i.e. be sovereign here (Women for Israel's Tomorrow in particular advocates this strongly.). After all, the situation is the same today as it was when Dafna was murdered. Even though the army has taken back places they had left in the Shomron, the mentality that this land does not belong to us still remains among the Jews. We need to do teshuva because we are still not fully thankful to our Creator, Who gave it to us. I feel this is possibly another post because no other country or people is involved.

Can you murder and then inherit? This is what our blood enemies, the Arabs/Muslims and their supporters in the Catholic Church and the NWO crowd (we wrote about this beginning here and here; more details in part 1 & part 2), think they can get away with. This is one reason of zillions why I hope and trust in the One who created all: Because He promises that He will vindicate His people against these very things — especially as we approach the end that it seems everyone is feeling in one way or another.

Those who call Him the “sky fairy” or any other mocking phrase might live just long enough to regret their words. Meanwhile, we Israelis ought to insist that our government stop appeasing Hitler’s heirs and their supporters, yimach sh’mam v’zikram, particularly in this happy and auspicious season of two Adars!

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02 February 2016

Free the Jewish Political Prisoners Now!

23 Shevat 5776

UPDATE: Evyatar is out of prison! Now for Meir! See below...

Thanks to some concerned American Israelis…we can be part of a critical pidyon shevuyim (redeeming of prisoners) campaign.


Meir Ettinger and Evyatar Slonim have been held imprisoned for six months, held for much of the time in solitary confinement, surrounded by Arab terrorists who threaten to kill them. Meir recently was hospitalized after collapsing during a hunger strike.  

The Israeli government has not charged Meir or Evyatar with any crime. 

The six months of administrative detention are up next week. Evyatar's order ends on Wednesday, and Meir's on Thursday. [February 3rd and 4th – CDG]

There is great fear and concern that Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon renew their imprisonment for another six months without charging them with any crime. 

Evyatar's mother, Gila Slonim, and Meir's grandmother, Libby Kahane, are sending a plea to every Jewish person to daven for the yeshua of the two boys. 


[but see the end for upcoming good news about Evyatar - I am reserving further comment until he is confirmed out of prison. CDG]

Please take a few moments to write an email to Prime Minister Netanyahu, Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, and President Reuven Rivlin asking them to either charge Meir and Evyatar with a crime and give them a fair trial, or let them free. 

Here are their email addresses: 

Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon  pniot@mod.gov.il

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu

President Reuven Rivlin  public@president.gov.il

Israeli consulate in New York: 
Tel. 212-499-500; Email: info@newyork.mfa.gov.il   


DS from Israel Truth Times and I wrote to the above government officials. I have posted our emails below (hers with her permission) in order to stimulate and encourage more email. You may copy elements of our emails to help you if you wish, or use your own words.

The sooner you write, the better the chances are that both young men – WHO WERE CHARGED WITH ABSOLUTELY NO CRIME – will be freed.

Here is the article Meir posted on HaKol haYehudi before he was detained. Read it and tell me, should he be in jail for it? The Delicate Bridges


Subject: Release Meir Ettinger and Evyatar Slonim NOW (With appropriate medical treatment, of course.).

Dear Mr. Prime Minister, Mr. President and Mr. Minister of Defense:

May I briefly suggest that if you want to show that you are treating Jews and Arabs alike, you would not summarily allow Meir Ettinger and Evyatar Slonim to die on hunger strike. Through the media we have seen the government express concern about terror-enacting Arab prisoners on hunger strikes; you can at least show the same caring for the Jews!
Not to mention that these young Jewish men have not actually committed any crimes to speak of. Writing, even expressing views displeasing to the government, is not a crime in a democratic society, such as ours purports to be. And you wonder why many Israelis want Torah governance, which is more appropriate to our people.

One more thing: Please be kind enough to restore them to health — especially Meir, since he has been going longer without food — before releasing them to their loved ones. May HaShem bless you for the efforts you make in this direction.

Many thanks.

Subject: Re: your atrocious treatment of Meir Ettinger and Evyatar Slonim

Mr Yaalon, Mr Netanyahu,  Mr Reuben Rivlin, 

It is inconceivable and beyond any civilized norms in a democratic country that people who have not been charged with any crime should be kept prisoners under administrative detention. I request of you that Meir Ettinger and Evyatar Slonim  be freed immediately, and let them have a fair trial if necessary: everybody is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!. Your actions are racist and done out of hatred of religious Jews, and of course also to please the nations, who hate the Jewish People anyway.

Stop trying to please the nations, our enemies who spy on us shamelessly, while you oppress our own people. 

Do you want to be known as a dark regime? Or do you want to earn the respect that a Jewish nation deserves?

Know that there is a Judge and there will be Judgment for you too, as important as you believe yourselves to be today. Remember, man is only dust, comes from dust and returns to dust. That includes you too. 

Tsedek, Tsedek Tirdof!

UPDATES: Here is a link to yet another letter, this one from Daniel Pinner.
An op-ed by Brooklyn-based Yehuda-and-Shomron activist Robin Ticker: Stop Slandering Hilltop Youth and Let Meir Ettinger Go

PROTEST: You can go here to sign a petition that will go to Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon. You can look for others as well.

EDUCATE YOURSELF: Read all you can about the Hilltop Youth and lifestyle. There’s plenty of negative commentary elsewhere; here are two positive articles so far: Kumi Ori | The Baladim | More are coming. If you can, visit them. See for yourself. Be sure to wear your hiking clothes and boots!

TAKE HEART. For those who are discouraged from aliyah over this situation, I bring words straight from the heart of Dina Moskowitz from a comment she shared:

“…my dear friend…your conclusion is totally erroneous! You NEED to make aliya as soon as possible... The antisemitism in the USA and the rest of the world won't stand still, it will only get worse and lead to physical violence against Jews, G-d forbid.... Before it gets to that bad of a stage, please, [fellow American Jew], COME HOME and help us here make the country BETTER for Jews! You need Israel - and ISRAEL NEEDS YOU! Help us put real JEWISH leaders into power who care about the Jewish People and rule this country according to the Torah! And bring your like-minded family and friends here, too - the more of us here in Eretz, the more hope there is for this country's survival as a TRUE Jewish State!"


The Defense Ministry and Israeli Security Agency (ISA) announced Monday that nationalist activist Evyatar Slonim's administrative detention will not be extended, and he will be released in the coming days, although administrative limitations will remain in place against him...

On Monday Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon (Likud) extended [Meir] Ettinger's administrative detention by yet another four months, without trial or evidence, in what Ettinger's wife Moriya told Arutz Sheva was a "political arrest" in the most severe prison branch in the country. Arutz 7

UPDATE 3/2/2016: Evyatar is out of prison! This article, in Hebrew, is from 3 February, from HaKol haYehudi (The Voice of the Jew). Nothing in English. I do find the early date odd considering what we were told above, but if the man is out of prison, all the better.

Notice I don't say "free" because there are still "conditions" as noted above. One noted in the recent article: they have forbidden him from being in touch with 42 of his friends in any way. No charges are listed against them, either... A personal note - I still rely too much on the English news; I only saw this article today, 10 February. - CDG