30 August 2015

The Conspiracy of the Mekatregim, part 1

15 Elul 5775

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From these translations of the original Hebrew in the prologues, it can be understood that the opposing angels (we humans call them concepts, but in relation to G-d everything imaginable has a soul and can speak with Him) anticipated that only bad could come of haShem’s creating mankind. Looking around today, we see what a complete and utter mess has been made of the world we live in and from which we draw our sustenance.

A lot of articles have been written – and even entire Web sites have been dedicated to exposing some strong influences, mainly brought about by hidden groups of people who generally do not wish to be known despite the fact that some are now notorious — which have nurtured the frightening developments that have resulted, some of which seem to be good (at least they are sold that way) and turn out to be evil, and others being outright evil.
Indeed, peace and truth have been badly twisted, beaten up and turned inside out worldwide in our day, and in their names some of the worst mendacity and bellicosity have been perpetrated. Even charity has not been exempt from this mega-distortion; murdering terrorist organizations get a great deal of their moral, as well as financial, support from charity! But donors, even wealthy ones, should know that the lion’s share of the money comes from higher up, as well as from thievery and war booty. 

Lately, it seems we are being warned that about 93% of all mankind  is soon to be wiped out. Could the date be on or around September 23rd (Yom Kippur), as some Web sites have hinted at?  The goal is to bring our population to fewer than 500 million, and to keep it that way.

Possibly to that end, a “false flag year” capable of destruction on a massive scale, beginning on Yom Kippur 5776 and ending on Yom Kippur 5777, may be imminent. The worst part is that we, mankind, will seemingly have done it to ourselves, by our own hand or by that of others, the result of our wrong, sinful and self-destructive decision-making over centuries, both personal/individual and national/collective; or else, some say, a cataclysmic event will take place originating from outer space. Either way, billions may no longer be alive at the end of it. Or it may not happen at all, like the Mayan end of the world as we know it, in 2012.

We did not suddenly come to this place, where it is more likely than not to occur. It has been developing for a very long time, some many hundreds of years. Some would say since the times of the Romans, or when the Muslims began; others, from the time the Illuminati were formed, just a month before the United States became a nation in 1776; or the Jesuits were formed from out of the Roman Catholic Church in 1540. I say the Midrash quoted in the prologue above is at the very least a huge hint that the struggle comes from spiritual forces higher than man himself, but, of course, lower than G-d.  As a matter of fact, many people involved in a lot of these organizations locally and globally attribute their inspiration to invisible higher forces that are guiding them*. The versions of the Midrash Rabbah I quoted above say that Peace and Truth themselves are the opposition. 

I do have an idea about what the root cause might be – may it never come to fruition! — The angels who resisted HaShem’s creation of mankind (maybe lower ones than those depicted in the Midrash?) may still be at work, infusing human thought with detrimental and suicidal concepts, ideas and plans, even up to the highest government levels. Why? To rid the earth of mankind altogether, starting with the Jews. Forget about the 2/3rds or even the 93% of the world that the Jesuits, New Agers, Rosicrucians, or whoever, secretly plot. Why stop there? Having done their dirty work, I imagine these spirit beings might go back to HaShem and tell Him: See, You shouldn’t have made man. We were able to bring about his destruction simply by appealing to his worst drives, his selfishness and his laziness, both physical and mental. And spirituality, You ask? Forget about it.

The biggest question I have is: Why has HaShem allowed us to be brought so low?
That's next.

Update: We're still here, so far. Tomorrow night is Yom haKippurim 5777. Thank G-d. -CDG

*Thanks to Rav Yaak, I no longer need the warning that was here before. I believe I found the author's new (and her own) Web site.

25 August 2015

The Conspiracy of the Mekatregim, Prologue 2

10 Elul 5775

Blogger's note: An online friend wrote me; she had found a even more thorough online version/translation of the material above; thus, this extension of the prologue.

According to the Artscroll Midrash Rabbah publisher's preface, Midrash "delves into the spiritual essence of the revealed Torah, adds detail to the Torah's narrative, and provides the ethical tradition that was passed down orally from generation to generation until it was committed to writing. Midrash Rabbah is one of the primary sources of ethical discourse, Chassidic and Mussar teaching, and homiletic literature."

It is the D in PaRDeS - p'shat, remez, DRASH, sod - the 4 levels of Torah scholarship.

Translation note: mekatregim מקטרגים are opponents, as opposed to sanegorim סנגורים, advocates.


Prologue | Prologue 2 | Part 1 | Part 2


5. R. Simon said: When the Holy One, blessed be He, came to create Adam, the ministering angels formed themselves into groups and parties, some of them saying, 'Let him be created/ whilst others urged, 'Let him not be created/ Thus it is written, Love and Truth fought together, Righteousness and Peace combated each other (Ps. lxxxv, n)1: Love said, 'Let him be created, because he will dispense acts of love'; Truth said, 'Let him not be created, because he is compounded of falsehood'; Righteousness said, 'Let him be created, because he will perform righteous deeds'; Peace said, 'Let him not be created, because he is full of strife.'What did the Lord do? He took Truth and cast it to the ground. Said the ministering angels before the Holy One, blessed be He, 'Sovereign of the Universe! Why dost Thou despise Thy seal?2 Let Truth arise from the earth!' Hence it is written, Let truth spring up from the earth (ih. 12).

All our Rabbis say the following in the name of R. Hanina, while R. Phinehas and R. Hilkiah say it in the name of R. Simon: Me'od (E.V. 'very') is identical with Adam3; as it is written, And God saw everything that He had made, and, behold, it was good — me'od (Gen. 1, 31), i.e. and behold Adam was good. R. Huna the Elder of Sepphoris, said : While the ministering angels were arguing with each other and disputing with each other, the Holy One, blessed be He, created him. Said He to them: 'What can ye avail? Man has already been made!' 14

6. R. Huna said in R. Aibu's name: He created him with due deliberation: He first created his food requirements, and only then did He create him. Said the ministering angels to the Lord: 'Sovereign of the Universe! What is man, that Thou art mindful of him, and the son of man, that Thou thinkest of him? (Ps. viii, 5). This trouble, for what has it been created?' 'If so/ said He to them, 'Sheep and oxen, all of them (ib. 8), why were they created; why were the fowl of the air and the fish of the sea (ih. 9) created? A tower full of good things and no guests — what pleasure has its owner in having filled it?' Said they to Him: 'Sovereign of the Universe! O Lord, our Lord, how glorious is Thy name in all the earth (ib. 10). Do what pleaseth Thee!'

7. R. Joshua of Siknin said in R. Levi's name: He took counsel with the souls of the righteous, as it is written, These were the makers [E.V. 'potters'], and those. that dwelt among plantations and hedges; there they dwelt with the king in his work (1 Chron. iv, 23). 'These were the makers' 1 they are so termed on account of the verse, Then the Lord formed [made] man, etc. (Gen. 11, 7); 'And those that dwelt among plantations* corresponds to And the Lord God planted a garden eastward (ib. 8); 'And hedges' corresponds to / have placed the sand for the bound of the sea (Jer. v, 22); 'There they dwelt with the king in his work': with the supreme King of kings, the Holy One, blessed be He, sat the souls of the righteous with whom He took counsel before creating the world.

 1 E.V. 'Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other.' The Midrash interprets met in the sense of fought, and derives nashaku (kissed) from nesheh, arms, rendering: have taken arms against each other. 
2 Truth is the seal of God.  
3 In the Hebrew the letters are the same, though differently arranged.
* On this interpretation ne'esah (is made) is read instead of na'aseh (we will make).

[Again, emphases are mine. CDG]