26 March 2024

How close are we to the end?

 hebrew date 

mamash ממש = Hebrew for substance; also used in the sense of "really", "actually", or "literally".

First, a Torah lesson for the ages from R' Yehuda Richter...thanks to Devorah Chayah's faithful postings on this rav.

Representative of the current obstacle as of this post...and that includes the people who posted it!

Commentary on the current obstacle...


And now the music...letting out my Ashkenazi side...

Shoulder to shoulder, Jews, both Torah- (G-d-observant) ones and repentant ones, will win this war with the HELP OF HASHEM!!! 

We MUST go into Rafiach! (see the first video above, if you haven't already!)


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18 March 2024

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu finally says, "Be'ezrat HaShem" we will fight until we win!

8 Adar Bet 5784 | ח אדר ב' ה'תש"ד


When before did Bibi say "with God's help" in public? 3:16, the end is where he says the most longed-for words, posted on YouTube yesterday. May Bibi and his family live to gain many more mitzvoth (merits)! H/T Dov Bear bar Leib

 תזקה למצוות ביבי ומשפחתו!


BONUS: Just so that others can finally find out what we know about how bad what happened to us on Shabbat Simchat Torah/"October Seventh" was, this article contains comments from living Holocaust survivors who never thought they would see anything worse than what they went through!


UPDATES BEGIN HERE: Since we're still in a fight for our survival, any actions taken by Bibi as a result of his speech above, if I see them, I will do my best to record them.

1. Netanyahu desperately seeking White House approval for Raf[i]ah invasion — Jewish Press.com — this is not what I had in mind, Bibi. Have you considered that the United States might have turned evil during all these years you've been in office?

2. Netanyahu: US attacks focus on me because because I won't allow [a] Palestinian state — A7

3. Biden, Schumer and the plot to overthrow Netanyahu — WATCH.

4. Netanyahu: "Impossible to Complete the Victory Without Entering Raf[i]ah" (WATCH HEB, translation to ENG in print)

5. Bibi to Blinken: 'We'll Go it Alone if Necessary'

6. Prime Minister's Office: 'USA changed position, no delegation to Washington' 

7. Bibi finally says No to Biden — Now What?

8. Ben Gvir, Smotrich anxious over Netanyahu's pullout from southern Gaza  - BOO!

9. NEW - Netanyahu: We have a date for Rafah invasion YAY!


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10 March 2024

Are Israel's enemies posing as *civilians* in their war against the Jews???

 Rosh Hodesh Adar Bet 5784 | ר"ח אדר ב' ה'תשפ"ד


The Simchat Torah massacre ("October Seventh") in 2023 started out as terrorists attacking civilians of all ages in what we Israelis call the "Gaza Envelope" in the most brutal ways possible. Readers, do you really need links for this from li'l ol' me?

Lately, more than 150 days (5 months) later, I've been hearing about our government's inconsistency with regard to dismissing our enemies' fellow Palestinians from working for us: Construction workers around the country have been laid off, excluded from Israel and replaced by people from India, Sri Lanka and Uzbekistan because of security concerns... 

but what about doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and more?

Not too far from me, Rav Amram Elhadad passed away (HEBREW) after being in Hadassah Hospital in Ein Kerem, Jerusalem for three days, exactly a week after his mother, Simcha Elhadad, at the same hospital. Here's a link to a video on Rabbi Batsri's Facebook page of her lighting tea candles carefully in her advanced age, with someone  announcing her death on 29 February 2024 (in HEBREW). I don't have Facebook, but it seems they've lightened up a little and I could get a link; not enough, however, that I could upload it here. I don't know how old she was at the time this video was originally taken.

Both of them got injected with drugs without their family's permission...by Arab Palestinian doctors and nurses. But the articles linked to above mention nothing about this. A Jerusalem WhatsApp connection is my source for this statement and for what follows; she was there at the funeral and spoke with family there.

My source wrote (emphases mine, as well as light editing for readability):

An important family of giants in Torah in Israel are asking to broadcast what is happening to their family.

The grandmother and her son died one week apart at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem after Arab doctors and nurses injected drugs without the family's permission last week.

The grandmother was alone only for ten minutes, and the Palestinian doctor called the daughter to ask if he and the Palestinian nurse could perform a medical procedure to remove liquid from her lungs. The daughter refused and ordered them to wait until she would arrive in 10 minutes. She arrived at the hospital exactly within 10 minutes of the conversation and found her mom in a coma. The Palestinian doctor said he already did the procedure to her mother and injected medicine for her not to "feel" the procedure. The mother never woke up and died three days later. I personally saw this woman for a blessing over two weeks ago in her home, 10 days from the time she died in the hospital, at the time she did not cough, was walking healthy. She after apparently had a small cough and the family took her to Hadassah Ein Kerem to get checked. That's when the Palestinian doctor injected medicine and claimed to remove liquid from her lungs. This procedure cannot normally be done in only 10 minutes and makes no sense. The mom was alone from her family only for 10 minutes and the daughter ordered the doctor to wait until she would be there to ensure that her mom would be safe.

At the levaya (funeral - HDG) last week all the Rosh Yeshivas, Rav Shlomo Amar, Rav Barkats were there. Her sons spoke at the levaya and explained how she died al Kidush Hashem for being murdered at the hands of the Palestinians doctor and nurse in Hadassah Ein Kerem in Jerusalem.

It was very difficult.

As soon as the Shiva (Jewish custom: seven days after someone passes away - HDG) finished this Wednesday, March 6, 2024, Thursday morning her son died also in Hadassah Ein Kerem.

He was admitted for dialysis with diabetes, a Palestinian nurse injected him with medication saying it was insulin without checking his sugar level when he was left alone for one hour on Monday. When his family came back to the hospital to be with him, he fell into a coma and never woke up, died yesterday morning, March 7th.

Following the injections in both cases, they went into a coma and died three days later.

My source asks and implores:

How is it possible that Palestinian doctors and nurses can still work in Jewish hospitals in Israel during WAR? How can Palestinian pharmacists still give "medication" to Jews in all pharmacies in Israel in times of WAR?

Our Jewish people find themselves DEPENDENT under the control of Palestinian doctors and nurses in all hospitals and pharmacies, and are dying!

 The Israeli government has replaced construction workers with Chinese, Indian and others, we see them in Jerusalem.

We call upon the Israeli government who must remove all Palestinian doctors, nurses, attendants, cleaners from the medical system, hospitals and pharmacists in Israel, it is URGENT.


From the liveblog of Sunday, 4 February 2024: Israel to bring in 65,000 foreign building workers to replace Palestinians

How inconsistent is this? How DANGEROUS is this? SURVIVORS WILL NOT FORGET OR FORGIVE if  you don't do as we, the people, request. After all, this is a democracy...isn't it? 

It wouldn't be any worse; in fact, it might be better if we were a Kingdom rather than a democracy. After all, it is our native governmental system.

Oh, and by the way: Two more of this family, Moshe Mordechai, 12, and Yosef David, 18, were killed on another horrible occasion: The Meron Disaster of May 2021. Would there be, by any chance, a connection between these events...?


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27 February 2024

Who benefits from Israel's destruction? What if Jewish society changes from the inside first?

the light of 19 Adar Alef 5784 | אור י"ט אדר א' ה'תשפ"ד


This great, viral-worthy video has many positive comments on its YouTube page. I'm trying to keep this commentary as short as possible.

First of all, REPLACE UNRWA (petition started by Hillel Neuer of UN Watch; its first goal is long past. And yes, I did.).

The big question is: Who benefits from Israel's destruction? It would seem that in the end the answer is: No one. God won't let them. You don't have to believe me; see Jeremiah 30 with commentary.

Eylon's video with Hillel reveals why this issue of the constant opprobrium of Israel keeps on going, like a certain commercial rabbit playing a drum advertising batteries. We may have overlooked a very important observation, unspoken between the lines: 

The United Nations (however you want to fill in what UN really means) has one purpose, and one purpose only: To drive the Jewish people out of Israel, and possibly worse. 

The above would sound preposterous if UNRWA employees were not found to have actually been involved in the Simchat Torah Massacre last 7 October. For this, we thank Hillel Neuer and UN Watch. Not only has Mr. Neuer been responsible for this discovery, but he has been pointing out for decades that Israel is singled out by this prestigious forum for the most international and military crimes of ANY nation on earth, even if we were the offended party and not the ones who started all the wars and the violence involved. 
David Bedein in Israel has also been involved long-term in exposing UNRWA. You can keep up with him there on my sidebar.

I don't need to repeat any list of nations that obviously deserve the pariah treatment and even worse, far, far more than Israel.

In any case, though, my rough estimate is that over 95% of all UN activities are nothing but window dressing. If the UN were serious about all countries following laws based on common decency, countries we could all identify would be lined up for miles and miles before Israel would even get to the door. 

Unless we're told we don't have to be in that line any more, that is. 

I doubt it, though, because we do have our own problems with our political system, which should never have been ours in the first place. But that discussion is for another article.

I believe, despite the seeming impossibility, that the "deus ex-machina" ending will come shortly. God will come and rescue us, but not with a machine, as used to be in Greek and Roman times. He will be QUITE REAL and the whole world will know it when it happens.

See (or listen to) the next video below...


MK Galit Distel-Atbaryan, speaking to the Education Committee in Israel.

 Hebrew with English subtitles | עברית עם תרגום לאנגלית

Yet another sign of life coming from our nation! This Knesset Member's words should be heard by every Jew, male or female, who has any doubt whether our religious sources have relevance to all of us for all times. Men may look elsewhere, but please don't refuse to listen! MK Distel blew my mind, that she would be able to express the depth and hollowness of the gap that was left to her (and to most secular Israelis). Israeli society MUST correct it, IMMEDIATELY!

I believe this is a very positive sign of Jews drawing closer to one another. It must not be ignored but, rather, celebrated. It is the key to our recovery (dare I say, resilience?) from the constant trauma that has beset us from long ago. And, who knows, Mashiah might actually come quickly.


A recent development just crossed my path: This video by Ro'i Kornblum...again, Hebrew with English subtitles. 

0.2% (Zero point two percent...אפס נקודה שתיים אחוז)

May the teshuva continue urgently...and with it Mashiah...


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