27 December 2015

I love my country. I hate my government's behavior.

15 Tevet 5776

Please pray for Elisha Chaim ben Na'ama Leah. He is the minor-aged detainee who tried to commit suicide. 

“There is Jewish terror, and it should be treated like Arab terror. It is not being perpetrated by the young men under custody, but by their interrogators. – a Yeshiva Avreich, commenting on A7’s “Duma detainee ‘tried to commit suicide’”, emphasis mine. -CDG

 Video reenactment of Shaba"k torture from Arutz 7

An article has finally been published concerning the young man who has been sodomized and beaten nearly to death. It is Elisha Odess, a 17-year-old American citizen. (I do not need to link to Electronic Intifada and Tikkun Olam, who have also mentioned his name, since they are linked from this article already. But I note it because we can see who takes interest in naming those who are vulnerable enough to lose the fight for survival all Israeli Jews are waging. These, in particular, are taking pleasure in it: a true hillul haShem.)

The same article also states: “A U.S. State Department official would not comment on whether the State Department had been involved in Odess’s case, citing “privacy considerations.”

It seems that indeed they have: Consider what they do not say. The US State Department did not give a clear statement such as “No, we have not been involved.” Par for the course, considering the way other Jewish Israeli-American citizens’ cases have been treated — for instance, Koby Mandell and Alisa Flatow — by the US Government. I know, these are victims of terrorism and those I cited above are accused of it in the case of the fiery murders of the Dawabsheh family in Duma (and, lest we forget, it’s all totally unproven); but the long-standing treatment remains the same: No official regard at all. Even the family of Ezra Schwartz, who was murdered only as a visitor to Israel and not as a citizen, got no special consideration as an American citizen.

Don’t worry. They are all in good company. Anne Frank (of Diary fame) and her family weren’t even let into the United States during WWII and as a result, almost all of them perished at the hands of the Nazis. I would have rather seen her alive with children, grandchildren and now, great-grandchildren than to see a single copy of that Diary on any library shelf or as a sales choice on Amazon; I have never read it, and I likely never will. Finding out this amazing fact cemented my decision to make aliyah: After the war America participated in allowing Jews to think of her as a medinah shel chesed (nation of kindness) since it was good for her image. That chimera was stripped away for me when I realized that millions of Jews, who could have had productive lives, contributing to the US economy among other things, were rejected in much the same way by the US State Department, which has continued its anti-Semitic tradition to this day. Now, may they receive the full reward for the “repentance” they have shown by letting Syrian Arab Muslims seek refuge there, rather than Jews — measure for measure.

Which brings me now to turn to the Israeli Security Agency ISA (= Shaba”k)’s Jewish Division. After all, this Israeli government agency is ultimately responsible for this young man and at least two others from among the dozens currently in administrative detention to whom they have chosen to give “special treatment.” They deny torturing the three boys they have in custody (with all the gory details that you may find elsewhere at your leisure) including Mr. Odess, yet they assert that these youth are plotting to destroy the State of Israel. Again, it is what they are not saying: “no, we are not torturing them.” It’s more like: We have the right to do anything we please with them because they belong to a Jewish terror group that seeks to destroy the Jewish State. 

It makes me wonder why the ISA behaved this way despite having well and truly blackened the State's eye in front of the goyim. Here’s what I think their motive might be: They believe either that one of them thinks he is Mashiach Tzidkenu, or else that he IS Mashiach Tzidkenu; whether ben Yosef or ben David, I don’t know. Why? Because only Mashiach Tzidkenu can, or will, take over or destroy Israel’s government. No one else. It is a witch hunt for Mashiach in order to kill him.

Note that none of these youth actually has to think or believe that he is Mashiach. Only the Shabak operatives, their bosses and their commanding hierarchy have to believe it, for this to be plausible. But for the Israeli government it is a losing battle, much like the attempt by Pharaoh to eliminate the then-deliverer of the Hebrews some three thousand years ago by throwing baby boys into the Nile River to drown. What G-d plans, man cannot annul by force; only by persuasion – of Him, not His servant. And when it comes to this most important item on His agenda, no “persuasion,” especially of this sort, will force His decision of when and through whom it will occur, may it happen in the blink of an eye in our day.
In the meanwhile, my readers should understand that the Israeli government is copycatting the United States of America, who had an “Israel Desk” long before Shabak had a Jewish Division. In fact, the US and England have been tapping into the telephones of each other’s Jews, whether with wires or wirelessly, for decades. As Loftus and Aarons wrote in The Secret War Against the Jews in 19941:

Chapter 8, Spying on Zion, p. 181-182:
Our sources say that the history books have missed the most important elements of this story of the violation of demographic rights: the systematic electronic eavesdropping employed against American Jews engaged in legitimate political activities. In this chapter, we discuss the following allegations:

  • During World War II the covert British wiretap program in the United States against Nazi sympathizers was extended to surveil American supporters of a Jewish state in Palestine. 
  • After the war this program was continued, and massively expanded, as the British gained the cooperation of FBI director J. Edgar Hoover and Secretary of Defense James Forrestal for the illegal collection of electronic intelligence on Zionist activities in the United States.
  • The once highly secret Communications Intelligence arrangements between Britain and the United States have been deliberately twisted by the intelligence agencies of both countries to allow illegal British wiretaps of American Jewish citizens using American facilities. A reciprocal arrangement exists in Britain.
  •  The illegal campaign against the Jews reached its height during the Reagan-Bush years in the White House, when even Jewish children in summer camp were monitored for "subversive" activities.
  • Over the years this illegal arrangement has been extended past Jews, Communists, and black radicals, to reach virtually any citizen, including mainstream political candidates, no matter how harmless their activities may have been.

The “old spies” say that electronic surveillance of Jews started in 1944, when American Zionists were first wiretapped on a broad scale.

It hardly makes sense on its face that Israel has any “Jewish Division” at all, especially in its Security Service. In this sense it IS acting like “any other country” —one that is just as much against Jews as any other. Those of us closer to the action feel sick, much as the people prophesied about in Jeremiah 30:6, with yerakon, green sickness. Right after that, in verse 7, it says "...it will be a time of trouble for Yaaqov, but he will be saved from it."

Protest now, while we still have time and freedom to do so — but, more importantly, pray for these Jewish administrative detainees, who have no reason to remain in jail. And beg and plead with haShem for the crowning of Mashiach Tzidkenu ASAP!

Any questions?

1 Loftus, John and Aarons, Mark, The Secret War Against the Jews: How western espionage betrayed the Jewish people, 1994, St. Martin’s Press, ISBN 0-312-11057-X, 514 pp.

Many thanks to DS for providing the link to the name of the tortured youth Elisha Odess.


Neshama said...

Thank you CDG for your Loving of Eretz Yisrael ... but the Government not. After I viewed Rabbi Richter's video, with his explanation of what is going on now and how it is the same political hatred that was perpetrated in 44-1948, I am left a bit in silence. My mind is still taking it all in. I thought I had what to say this morning, but then I listened to Rabbi Richter. It was amazing. Now I truly understand why the Satmar Rebbe was so against the early zionists, NOT ERETZ YISRAEL. The number of xionists included in this rape of society and the misleading of Jews for so many years is astounding. Their paranoia of anything religious is worse than the Nazis' ideology. But soon it will be all over. No one can keep G–D from bringing the redemption. They cannot fight HaShem much longer. Already they are exhibiting panic and distorted fear.

SultanKnish in his Duma and the Return of the King was a factual condemnation in all aspects of the state's hypocrisy and evil. I hope more Israelis awake from their idol worship of the State. I can't write anything now, but believe me I agree with all those who have spoken/written. And Yes, the Vilna Gaon said we must fight them with all our strength because they are worse than all our enemies; they only want to kill our bodies, but the xionism wants to rob our souls.

Neshama said...

We have a situation here at Home in Eretz HaKodesh that is beyond evil. Since you Asked? Do I live in a police state? I am in tears right now writing this. The only thing I can think of that comes near this is Mitzrayim and Nazi Germany.

How could anyone do this to his "brother?"