23 August 2016

On the Front Lines...

19 Menahem Av 5776

With light editing. H/T: Barbara Ginsberg, by email. She has known the Federmans since 1978. She says: "They are special people, very special and we need to help them. It is a mitzva to help the Federmans who fight every obstacle to keep our land."

From Wikipedia: Hevron in 1839, after a drawing by David Roberts

 From Elisheva Federman:


Dear friends,
December 4th, 2014 was a day like all others. Noam drove the children to their 'Gan' (kindergarten) in Hebron. It was a day like all others when Arab terrorists threw stones on Jewish cars in an attempt to kill and injure. But it wasn't a day like all others the moment Noam decided to stop the stoned car, get out of it and pursue his attackers.
Needless to say, that since that day, not even one stone was thrown at a Jewish vehicle from this same corner where Arabs used to stand, in the middle of the day, and stone Jewish cars.
As it appears, this incident was staged and "Betselem" cameras were set, before the stoning to catch any Jewish response. It wasn't long before all the news headlines said:" Settlers vandalize property as revenge for stone throwing". It took only a few days for the police to show up at our home and arrest Noam, and our son Oved – which was a few days before his recruitment to the Israeli Army. They were investigated and released with a bill of indictment. 
It is over a year now, that Noam and our son Oved, an IDF paratrooper, stand trial for "vandalizing property."
During the trial, the prosecution had to reveal the army's footage of the incident. it was shocking to see Arab teenagers standing in that specific junction on the road from Hebron to Kiryat Arba, and for more than 30 minutes they are throwing stones in broad day light on Jewish cars and on military cars, and no one is stopping them. The Army jeeps, which were captured on camera, decide to do nothing. They flee the scene and let the young terrorists continue their attacks on innocent passersby. It was even more shocking to discover that the offenders were not caught, and were not even investigated for their deeds, although their faces appear clearly in the footage.
A few weeks after this incident, the police came knocking on our door, warning us that they have intel indicating that Noam, the car, and our house is targeted by hostiles. And we should use measures of precaution. Both Noam and I applied for permits to carry hand guns. Both our requests were denied. We decided to appeal against this decision not to allow us protect our children and our home.
And the last straw: after the despicable murder of Hallel Ariel, Military Intel points that these days the Arab terrorists aspire to intrude isolated homes such as ours. We were approached by the security officer of Kiryat Arba advising us to put bars on our windows, due to the fact that our house is isolated and we have nothing in our hands for self-defense. Because of the fact that our home is on "illegal territory" we won't get any help funding it.

"But the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and grew" (Exodus 1:12).

Hebron is our birthright. This is where our forefathers set roots for our great nation, and this is where we feel privileged and obligated to raise the next generations to come. We are here to stay. No matter what the obstacles we face, we stand strong and live here as proud Jews. But we need your help, to fight this unjust trial, to appeal against these unjust decisions preventing us from protecting our home. This is not our private struggle; this has to concern each and every Jew. Please don't let us deal with it alone. Help us fund a lawyer for our son Oved, who spends his nights and days protecting this country. Noam represents himself, but they won't let him represent Oved. Help us fund the appeals for letting us carry handguns for our protection. Help us provide security to our children.
We are looking at a sum of $12,300 US. If you want to help us, please donate in any of the 3 ways below:

Long into your Pay Pal Account
Hit Pay For Goods or Services
Write Elishfed@gmail.com
Write Amount and Send

Write check payable to Noam Federman
P.O.Box 89
Kiryat Arba 901000

Bank Hadoar 001
Account no. 24431524
Noam Federman
Mobile phone: 0528693868
Many thanks in advance.

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