10 October 2016

The Obstinate Jew: The Good

9 Tishrei 5777
Erev Yom haKippurim

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We HIJs (Hebrews/Israelites/Jews — however you wish to refer to us), especially in Israel, would not have survived, and we cannot survive now, without a certain amount of “attitude” toward the nations. This means, first and foremost, that we do not worship other gods no matter how many percentage points the man portion or the god portion gets, or who their favored prophet is; also, that we do not kowtow to the advice or the orders of other nations; certainly, it does not matter to us how much the rest of the world wants us OFF THE PLANET (i.e., DEAD). We are all too aware of it. 

We will soldier on, nevertheless.

Those of my readers who were old enough remember that only after the 1967 Six-Day War did we receive the slightest bit of respect and consideration from other nations, particularly the United States. The Shiloh Muse remembers and evokes this time even better than I do, being somewhat older. More than that, she describes clearly how blinded most American Jews are toward people they should be leery of. I think she would agree with me that its hatred was obvious when the US refused to let Jewish refugees into America, including Anne Frank and her family, during WWII. It was when I realized this, quite some time before we decided to make aliyah, that I shed any shame I had about having dual loyalties. I acquired a single loyalty: to the Jewish People in its Holy Land, one nation under her G-d. 
All the Anne Frank memorials and museums in the world will not replace the family and descendants we should have seen from her, her sister and her cousins, and everyone they represented as well. The diary would have come out after she passed away under more normal circumstances, if ever. Her name would have never driven an entire industry, which neither she nor her family benefits from. 

We are determined to keep her memory and that of all Jews murdered in the Holocaust alive.

We also would have given in to our baser nature long ago and wiped out some peoples, not unlike those who seek to wipe us out (today we have the Palestinians as described in the Abu Yehuda blog: A War Between Peoples). However, we have an obligation to wipe only one people off the face of the earth, and that is Amaleq. This obligation also includes anyone who acts like him: He hates us so much that he would sacrifice his own life to rid the earth of us. As it happens, suicide bombers are the perfect visual to illustrate that concept, even though they kill other people too. And who invented such a thing, pray tell?

Would anyone who believes in and wants to do the will of the Creator of the Universe seek to destroy almost all mankind, as a certain group wants to do (may it never be)?

The beginning of the end if Israel DOESN'T persevere against the nations. (H/T: Shiloh Musings)

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