23 November 2015

Guest Post: When the Heart Rages

12 Kislev 5776


Sometimes you just have to let the person who says it better than you...just say it.

Guest post: When the Heart Rages
by Rav Zev M. Shandalov

used by permission - original post  at A Soldier's Mother

The heart rages. Yes, I am mad and yes, the people of Israel are up in arms. And these are some of my thoughts.
Because I no longer care! I do not need to be PC. I do not need to dance around the words...the time has come to really say what needs to be said: Islam is a religion of hate. Arabs want to murder Jews. Arabs who claim they want a Two State solution are liars, cheaters, thieves and con-artists. There NEVER was an Arab Palestine and there NEVER will be a Palestine...NEVER!
Those who think that there will be peace are living in fantasy land. Those who feel Jews and Arabs can live peacefully side by side are deluding themselves. It cannot happen. And do not think for one moment, Sons of Ishmael, that stabbing and killing a 21 year old girl or shooting an 18 year old boy is going to change all that. You think people are going to wake up one day and say “Hey, they stabbed enough Jews, let’s give them a state”?? Are you out of your mind?
And it is time for REAL action! It is time to take severe action against the families of all murderers. First, all of the immediate relatives of the murderers should be deported. I hear Canada is big into refugees, so give them a call. Secondly, all of the Imams who either incite or who do not say a word of condemnation: put them in jail. Silence in the face of all this atrocity is acquiescence (wait, that is not so legal...I do not care).
Then, any Arab known to pose a threat to a Jew for any reason, put him in jail--no due process, no appeals. THE FREEDOM OF EVEN ONE ARAB WHO POSES A POTENTIAL THREAT TO A JEW IS NOT WORTH THE LIFE OF A SINGLE JEW! NOT ONE! (How to implement? How to figure that out? I have no idea. But the IDF KNOWS who THOUSANDS of them are...we see them getting arrested overnight every day. A full scale “invasion” of neighborhoods harboring Hamas operatives or supporters of ANY Islamic/Arab terrorists with the goal of getting them off the streets needs to happen.)
You think that is radical? It is what they are doing in France right now. And Brussels (where terrorists are sprouting up like mushrooms) is on a race against the clock to find cells who are currently looking to put an “operation” into action.
Yes, it is time. It is time to take radical action and get those who seek our death OFF THE STREETS.
And yes, I rage. I am angry, as I said at the outset. Yes, I and others will calm down soon. But it does not detract from the message. We need to do something, and soon.
Someone shared a beautiful thought with me. There are four slots with four parchments with verses from the Torah in the Tefillin worn on the head. This indicates that we can THINK in any direction we wish to think. In the Tefillin worn on the arm, there is only a single parchment with verses from the Torah, because, at the end of the day, we can only ACT in one way.
We do not take vengeance, we do not act in violence and in hate...we take action to protect our people.
May G-d avenge the blood of those who have been murdered, and may He send a complete healing to those injured. 

My comment:
Rav Shandalov's words need to go viral. People need to know that Jews can get angry. We can be "as mad as hell and [we're] not going to take it anymore!"


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...and another most outrageous thing: an entire blog was DELETED - Barbara Ginsberg presents R' Kahane Writings! (Check my right navbar...see for yourself.)

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CDG, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael Shlemah said...

I'll have to ask the Rav. ;)

Anonymous said...

It's very simple, we want to live and they want to die. I think that we should facilitate that. They are not killing us in order to achieve a state, they are killing us because it says in the Koran to kill Jews, and if they die in the process, so much the better for them, according to them. The narrative of wanting a state is just a cover story to create an excuse to kill us, and not the other way around.

In Judaism, life is more important than nearly all else, we must protect our own lives, and only kill an enemy who comes to kill us, as a matter of necessity, but without any pleasure, or reward (BUT, we must kill that enemy). Quite the opposite, King David was denied the privilege of building the Temple on account of his warfare (even though it was justified).

The Israeli government mainly follows a policy of "containment" towards Arab violence, which obviously only encourages more violence. They have to go to war against all Arabs in Israel and take this war to their villages and towns, so that they are the ones who are afraid to come out of their houses, not us. They also have to hit the Arabs where it hurts them. Arabs don't care about dying (actually they love dying), but they do care about having the family home destroyed, not being able to bury their dead, losing social benefits, losing citizenship, losing electricity and water supplies, and of course internet access. These are all privileges for good behaviour, not rights. But, not only is our blood cheap in the eyes of our enemy, it is cheap in the eyes of our government, that refuses to fight back in the war that is being fought against us in any way whatsoever.

I just got home, hitch-hiking from Tsomet Hagush, the site where the beautiful, vivacious, Hadar Buchris was murdered just two days ago. And since then, another Jew has been murdered by an Arab.