29 January 2016

Whose Rule of Law: America’s, Europe’s, Russia’s, the UN’s — or HaShem’s?

19 Shevat 5776

The rule of law is the legal principle that law should govern a nation, as opposed to being governed by arbitrary decisions of individual government officials. More at Wikipedia

The line of questioning that I have been thinking about, concerning recent events in Israel, is: How can our leaders claim that they are promoting rule of law when they make arbitrary decisions concerning certain Jewish sub-populations, as was evident over the last five months regarding the dati-leumi (national religious) sector and a year or so ago, the haredi one? Regarding the former, it seems they believe some of them will rise up and foment revolution, overthrowing the current order; and the latter, it seems, are not willing to defend the current order by enlisting in the army. I am presenting each one’s view as best as I understand it, not based on any agreement I might have, or not, with it:

  • Why would a small part of the youth of the national religious sector want to foment revolution? Because the government has been showing a particularly nasty side of itself toward them in particular: Denigrating and demonizing them and their families by calling them names (e.g., making “settler” a dirty word – my upbringing in America taught that settlers of the West were a positive phenomenon even as they were evicting an indigenous population —as, ironically, we are here) in order to make them hated among the general population; labeling young people’s desire to apprentice as farmers and ranchers on the hilltops as subversive activity; not allowing sufficient building even for natural growth; forcing families to obtain approval before purchasing property based on the area (Hevron is a HUGE example; this is not the first time it's happened here); deliberately leaving valuable territory under-protected or even unprotected…I could go on. Also, take into account that the minors among them are from a generation born during the Gush Katif expulsion and its aftermath. The older ones are from the generation immediately after the murder of R’ Meir Kahane. Both were traumatic experiences for the nation. 
  • Why would the ultra-religious rabbinate enforce a non-enlistment policy, even going against the government decision to draft young haredis? Because, in their eyes, the army is a place where religious youth lose their religion — and, after all, why have Israel in the first place without that most important thing? They may gain skills useful for making money later on, courage, unity with their fellow soldiers, and so on —very positive things — but: If in the taking on of secular mores they lose their connection with G-d as they eat their food, whether kosher or not, what have they in fact gained for the rest of their lives after leaving the army? Is it freedom, or is it another step toward Jewish annihilation? 
  • The leaders say that none of this is important as long as another significant sector must be considered: the Arabs, most of them Muslims, just because they happen to live among us and believe that our land is actually theirs; so, for them, it is a capital crime for Jews to be here. That means, we are under a death penalty according to them and their outside supporters. Why is that? Because the nations, led by the United Nations, forced us to keep them here, despite international law. They made their support of the newly-reinstated Jewish Homeland contingent on our respecting the rights of the Arabs as dwellers of long standing — which most of them were not, according to ordinary standards, at that time. Special standards were created for them with the help of the then-new agency for refugees, UNRWA, which was formed specifically for the Arabs of Palestine and not even for Jewish refugees from the Holocaust and from the Arab world.
  •  And why did the nations force us to go through all this trouble, knowing that we had just gone through attempted genocide, for which the term was, in fact, invented to describe? Because in the end they are conspirators in our expected demise, willing or not. They want every single Jew dead. Even conversions won’t be enough for them; even at the risk of the implosion that will follow according to Jeremiah 31:30 to the end, if they even believe it and understand its implications.

So, whose rule of law are we following? That of the nations, whose goal is to oversee our destruction, or that of the Torah, which only wants to see us grow and thrive without fear?
These are not theoretical questions. I may be sitting in the comfort of my home office, but I am quite aware of the world outside my window. I arrived in this country shortly before the massacre of the students at the Mercaz haRav Yeshiva, merely blocks from my apartment; I was rudely awakened the morning of the Har Nof massacre by ambulances madly rushing to the scene there. I have been here for everything that has occurred between these horrifying events, and since then as well. No thanks to you, nations of the world, for enforcing the rule of death-to-the-Jews here.

This is not to say that Jews have not been cooperating with this evil agenda. Unfortunately, we have a strategically-placed and -supported coterie of them exactly where they will do us the most harm.

For instance: We noted here last August that a former Shaba”k agent criticized the government for not enforcing laws against “a group of fundamentalist ideological criminals that see no justice.” By contrast, we have at least dozens of street videos from CCTV cameras (one good thing: A telephone pole can’t have an agenda…only human beings can) of Arabs openly slaughtering Jews in broad daylight, with no shame. (But, fortunately, we have the comment from a young Arab woman who wishes the Palestinian “enterprise” would fail if it is built on murder of the innocent. I wish that the majority of our Arab population were like her. As it is, we have just enough of them to prove there was a path in the road many could have taken, but chose not to.)

Not very long ago, Jerusalem Post readers found out from Caroline Glick that at the same time that the Israeli government has been assuming that Arabs have been engaged in lone-wolf attacks since last September, we received a message from the United States that Israel is at fault for their bloodthirstiness, the Council of Europe announced that it was finalizing its rules for labeling anything made by Jews outside the “green line” for sale in Europe,  giving a “green light” to Arab-on Jewish violence in Israel; also, the US State Department condemned perfectly normal and lawful Israeli policies in the Jordan Valley, “followed immediately by a similar condemnation by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and a call by the PA for a UN Security Council resolution against Israel.”

We knew that the Arab so-called Palestinians were getting help from a lot of places. But did anyone imagine that our so-called best friend, the United States would coordinate an invasion with multiple parties designed to destroy Israel politically — meaning the immediate military invasion and fall of the country? That is what Caroline Glick is saying. They want the end of Israel, followed by the end of the Jewish People. Now.

Meanwhile, back home, words attributed to Moshe “Boogie” Ya’alon, who was then busy evacuating people who bought their homes in Hevron:

"The state of Israel is a state of law, and I do not intend to compromise when the law is breached. In the case of the buildings in Hevron, the law was systematically breached. In order to enter a home several legal activities are required, and none of them were conducted. Therefore the squatters were evicted."

None? If what is said here is true, then if paying money for property and having proof of sale isn’t a legal activity required to possess and live in a house or apartment, then something smells fishy in Yerushalayim and they can smell it all the way to Hevron. How can a properly-conducted real estate transaction not be legal or relevant? Calling people who paid money to transfer ownership “squatters” is a gross, demeaning distortion of the meaning of the word, no matter what else hadn’t been done.

Arutz Sheva staff reports, “The "legal activities" mentioned refer to the draconian limitations placed on Jews in Hevron, who are required to receive approval for purchases, have security clearance and also receive approval from the political echelon before buying a new home.” 

Some back-and-forth is going on as to whether the new homeowners will be able to take full possession of their property.

Is the point of all this to make Israel, our gift from G-d, a living hell on earth for Jews using the law as its tool? May G-d protect us and deliver us speedily into the arms of Mashiach and Torah governance, the rule of the Creator (HaShem, no substitutes please.). And may the rest of the world should realize that all the attacks on Jewish sovereignty and ownership within our own land must stop. Now. 

If you have been able to read the signs whenever something bad happens against the Jews in Israel and something similar happens in your country shortly thereafter, and you understand that the Great Judgment Day is around the corner, you know that what’s good for the Jews is good for the rest of the world too. The “rule of law” demands it. Speak up, in the name of human decency! This is a major step towards salvation at a time when most will not be saved.

The Ten Commandments are highly recommended to start with. Or the Seven Noahide Laws.

Caroline Glick opposes the notion that Israel is destroying itself with its settlement policy at the Royal Geographical Society, UK, 15/1/2013. H/T to Shiloh Musings (she has a shorter version of this speech.).

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Anonymous said...

The problem in itself is so meaningless. 1: The State of Israel was solely created as a "Jewish" state for the Jewish people. That should be the answer to this insanity. The Arabs are guests in the State, they should not be citizens and as long as they live lives of law and order, that's fine, eventhough, according to Torah, we were warned about them being thistles and thorns in our eyes and sides, if we do not evict them. When they become outright murderers of our people within the Land, they should no longer be welcome and definitely not considered number one priority to the memshala. Defense and protection of citizens is always the number 1 priority for any nation.

Myrtle Rising said...

Very pertinent question and great points, as usual.

As the moral compass starts pointing more and more to blatantly immoral extremes, it is becoming impossible to remain blind and apathetic. And yet many people are, anyway.
In His Great Compassion and Patience, God is giving us the opportunity and the time to choose.
And by either not choosing (apathy) or choosing the immoral "feel good" position, most people are choosing wrongly -- as your post describes.

Thanks, Chava.

--Myrtle Rising