20 March 2016

Inspiration for the 3-Day Fast: Read These Posts!

11 Adar Bet 5776

I thought it would be good to compile a short list of posts that sum up the situation of the Jewish People in one place. If you are participating in the 3-day Esther-style fast going on beginning tonight, and need motivation to continue with however you are participating (I myself cannot fast 3 days due to my medical condition, so I cannot emphasize enough that there are many ways to participate apart from fasting the whole time), take a few minutes and read something from here.

How Things Are (at least from one Jewess's point of view)...

Wanted: A True Fearless Leader for the State of Israel | They Must Go (Abu Yehuda) | Because of the Israeli government's anti-Jew policies - Silent Intifada Weekly Summary 11/3-17/3/16 and if this isn't enough, see the previous ones too. Kol haYehudi has been posting these weekly summaries for quite some time now. | Police harass Jewish young married man under house arrest | The "National Interest" against Jewish Youth | Turkey can't state that Jews WERE targeted in Istanbul...and neither can our Prime Minister...but proof is right here! | Erdogan official 'tweets she hopes Israeli tourists are dead'... | Istanbul suicide bomber had ISIS links | Anti-Semitism Thriving in Europe by Michael B. Oren, former Israeli ambassador to the US | Modern Anti-Semitic Propaganda (search) | Anti-Semitic Actions (search) | and more from this blog...

I could link to a lot more nasty stuff, but I'd rather be sparing. I hope this is not too much as it is. The commentary on some of the articles...ugh. They have a right to their opinions; we also have a right to ours. And many thanks to those who went into those snake dens and defended us!

And Our Goals, Summarized...

  • To honor and love HaShem, the Creator of the Universe, with all our hearts, with all our souls and with all "me'odenu" - that would include our might and our possessions, the gifts He has given us.
  • To get the exile out of our Jewish souls, for once and for all.
  • To make Israel a better place for JEWS! The world should have learned a lesson over many centuries when others tried to live in this land and could not succeed. It's proof that HaShem is in charge, no matter how much people believe that everything happens by chance. And, we should treat this as our last chance to get it right. We may not have another.
Adon haSelihot - Lord of Forgiveness

May HaShem accept our prayers with loving favor, continued survival and the greeting of Mashiach Tzidkenu soon in our days, Amen!

UPDATE: an interesting article from Israel Rising: Prophecies that Came True and What's Next by Nadav Sofy

Last but not least, live shiurim are going on almost all the time during the fast - here are the events calendar listing all the speakers and live netcasts and videos  on the HaTzom site (in Hebrew only - רק בעברית). NOTE: The speakers in each time slot may not be the ones listed (the one I watched was not); your guess is as good as mine as to why, if you should encounter this. I have no personal connection with the site.

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DS said...

Wow - what a gorgeous tape you picked. Thank you so much.

Wishing all who are participating a fruitful and relatively easy fast. May Hashem listen to our prayers and answer with Rachamim.