06 April 2016

Meir Ettinger: Worst Criminal on Earth?

27 Adar Bet 5776

Meir Ettinger, front.                   Basel Awidat/Flash 90

Meir Ettinger's newborn son was named Netzach Binyamin this past Monday. But he was unable to attend.

This reminds me of how American soldiers coming home from Vietnam used to be persecuted, making their post-traumatic stress disorder worse. Many people felt that the soldiers didn't try hard enough to stay out of the war. But what we didn't know years ago has come back to haunt us in Israel.

Some years ago my husband and I befriended a family who were friends with someone I worked with, and visited them one day. The man of the family had indeed served in 'Nam and seen things that one would wish only on our worst enemies, maybe. Yes, grown men shot down little children...who were holding toys out to them that had bombs embedded in them. This man was obviously in a dilemma as to how to communicate this without being shot at himself. Fortunately a lot of time had gone by and I had grown up, and become able to accept that unbelievable situations like these could occur, even though the very thought of them is nauseating.

What does this have to do with Meir? Because he and his wife (and now, son) are considered Hilltop Youth, they are persecuted for their goal of adding to Israel from the territory that has already been given to us, and note the heavily loaded, exaggerated terms (compared to a Jewish form of ISIS, etc.) used in the Wikipedia definition (of course, the youth themselves cannot be allowed to define themselves!). This is on top of his being from the Kahane family, which condemns him already — and if you think I'm exaggerating, consider that his grandfather, uncle and aunt were assassinated by Arabs in an attempt to severely intimidate the extended family, if not exterminate it, may it never be.

Arutz 7 reports concerning the refusal to let Meir attend his first-born son's brith milah:

Attorney Ariel Atari who represented Ettinger in court said in response: "It is the right of a person that his son not begin his life within the walls of the prison. IPS's argument in court that there is not enough time to prepare logistics to release him today is scandalous, given the fact that we applied for an appeal for eight days already. The reality in which an administrative detainee, with no incriminating evidence against him, cannot leave to attend his son’s circumcision, whereas a terrorist convicted of murder would be granted leave - should infuriate every law-abiding citizen."

But the concept of "thought crime" was invented for such as Meir Ettinger, I am convinced. It's only because of what he wrote on the Internet, the expression of his ideas — and not plans — that he is in jail now. This, while books like Mein Kampf and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are selling like wildfire, and practically setting wild fires, elsewhere without any consequences for the publishers and the fundraisers. It confirms any thoughts that there might be a conspiracy, first to dispirit the Jew and then to destroy him. And, though I hate to say it, some Jews in high places are in on it, thinking they will be spared in the aftermath. They should learn this lesson while there is still time: If you agree that Israel should be dismantled and all Jews wiped out, and you are a Jew, you will be among the first to go. You have to be an example, you know.

The spiritually aware know better. They sense Mashiach in the air, with retribution not far behind. May the Victory of the Son of the Right Hand (and of all knowing Jews, as well as those of the rest of the world who appreciate it) be revealed quickly!

Mazal tov, Meir, Moriyah, Netzach Binyamin and family. May you increase with joy and may nothing harmful touch you.

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