31 July 2016

Free, Free Invaderstine!

26 Tammuz 5776

I believe that people who support the Palestinians (and the Arabs who keep them as they are) — especially the Jews among them — should really know and think about what they are saying when they yell out "Free, Free Palestine!" I could be wrong, but I imagine that most of these people have no idea who the Palestinians are, what the name they have adopted means and where it came from, and why on earth they are doing nothing to build a country they say they want, except trying to clear a particular country of its people, namely the Jews of Israel. I suspect the answer to this last question is this.

As my many gentle and intelligent readers might have anticipated, I titled this post as I did because we can see that in Hebrew the root of the name Palestine (פלש palash) does indeed mean invade — and here are some English synonyms. So, when you watch videos of massive crowds screaming the chant above, what they are really saying, whether they mean to or not, is Free The Invaders to make "Invaderstine" out of whatever territory they can penetrate and seize!

If any of you participate in protests like this, Heaven forbid, is this what you really want? Take a look at Europe (and my European readers, take a look around you; you likely don't need links since you can see for yourselves) — the Muslim overrunning of these countries is exactly what Invaderstine is, even though they do not call themselves Palestinians. The cry to free Palestine is the cry to unleash the pillage and plunder of Israel, but don't think the world will escape in the end. It is already seeing the results of their quest upon themselves even more than upon us. Perhaps you might want to reexamine the propaganda you have heard and seen about Israel. Many Arabs and Muslims have done so, and these are only a couple of examples; here are a couple of searches you may draw from.

Free, Free Invaderstine!

Here's some insight on what they say about themselves.

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Anonymous said...

There are only two kinds of 'jews' who participate and join with the enemies of Israel; they are either the Erev Rav (moreso the leadersip) or their useful idiots. They do not believe in the G-D of Israel, nor in Judaism, in general, nor have any common sense whatsoever and have only hate for righteousness and justice in their 'hearts(?)'.