15 January 2017

First, throw all the bums out!

17 Tevet 5777


Note the Jewish star (blue) and the Xian cross (red) embedded in the green cage. Is this picture worth 1,000 words, or what? Source

As the 70 nations meet today in Paris (we in Yerushalayim are still, and always, an hour ahead of them, so I might still be ahead - I started writing this before Shabbat!), I must clear up some things I said in my last post. Even though no one wrote to tell me, I do have my own reasons for thinking that some might actually think I am saying something I'm not.

When I wrote, "we must be actively happy for [the nations'] material success," I assumed it would be understood that I meant this success would occur in their own lives, having to do with people going about their business and doing well in it. The context I am thinking of, as well, is that others would reciprocate, and l'fargen us, while leaving us alone to mind our own business; and they, theirs. That would be in a functional world.

Unfortunately, we do not live in a functional world. Reality dashes my happy thoughts and tells me that today (on the Jewish calendar), a highly symbolic number of nations, with lots of support from their people, is meeting (maybe this minute, as I finish up) in Paris. They really do not regard Israel well in a truly dysfunctional way, and have put a lot of thought into how they would say it so that we would be deceived as to what their goals are. However, we can read the bottom line: As one sign I saw put it, "Israel, your days are numbered." While it seems that they are demanding on both sides of the "Palestinian"-Israeli divide, actually they have gone out of their way to bind, gag and even strangle Israel to death.

Only G-d can save us now. He promised us He would, and He will. The only question is how.

Even though the US presidency is in the process of transition, I personally have no hope in it. I met the gentleman in charge of Trump's campaign here in Israel last week and spoke with him. He said that Trump plans to give Gaza to Egypt. I said, "NO! You can't do that!" -Why not? -"Because only the Jews can grow food there. The Arabs still can't; that's why we ship food to them on a daily basis. That's the sign of Geula Shleimah [complete redemption], the desert blossoms as a havatzelet1!" His wife agreed with me. We'll see what happens. I hope that Mr. Trump can even begin to understand where Israel stands, even though when you get two Jews together, you get three opinions, as the saying goes. He might want to benefit from Joe Biden's experience, as former senator of Delaware. But then again, it might just confuse him more. A more salient direction for Mr. Trump would be to take another look at everything he has ever heard and read about the Bible and the Jews. Start over, is more like it.

As a matter of fact, this is exactly what the world takes advantage of, and what made the Paris conference possible. Too many Jews, particularly in leadership, whether heads of JCCs in foreign lands or here at home in government positions, do not take our sovereignty, or our right to it, seriously; and it shows in the decisions that are made in our name. The Oslo Accords in 1993 and giving up Gush Katif almost 12 years ago come to mind. So does the current proposal to declare sovereignty only in Area C, even as our presence in all of Yehuda and the Shomron is being threatened. Are we not aware that our presence in all of Israel is next?

We also must remember — and not forget — the most important "element": the Creator of the Universe, who gave us this land in the first place. It is not by our strength alone, or even at all. When we act on behalf of our homeland, and thus ourselves, we must come from a place of choosing to follow HaShem's will. Otherwise it is in vain - see Psalm 127; it is as true now as it was when David haMelekh wrote it for his son, Shlomo.

Maybe the conference will flop. Maybe the sky will fall in on them (with G-d's help, may it be so!). But we won't know until it's over. One thing we must do, whether they succeed or fail: Disregard and, if we can, throw out the bums in our leadership who support capitulation to the nations, and the organizations that work tirelessly toward our surrender. There will still be plenty of people left in Israel to have a country. No matter how much they have threatened us that they will leave, just let them go.

B'Tselem, Peace Now, and J Street must go; Meretz and Labor (or whatever its latest new name is and ally(ies) is (are)) must go. Leave Israel...and take the other Israel-hating NGOs and supporters with you! None of your organizations and their lackeys have to be here if they don't like being in a country that specifically protects the Jewish Nation for its own sake. We do it because it is no one else's job, but G-d's will that we take our part in our own care; it's as simple as that. We don't need you to tell us how to do our job. No more videos with the sound turned off! That's blatant cheating, and it has already led to disaster, thanks to B'Tselem.

It is up to the Hebrew people of my beloved country to decide to say, NO MORE. If we want to have anything to hand to Mashiach when he is revealed and crowned, we must get rid of the enemy within our midst before getting rid of the terrorists and their supporters among the Arabs. Or, maybe they can all go together.

I have always found it odd that davka the Ashkenazim who have ruled our country since before its beginning really have never had any idea of the Arab mindset, treating them as though they were Xians (which some of them are, but most, including the leadership with the occasional exception, are Muslim these days. Even their Xianity is informed by their Arabic culture as well...) and not knowing what dhimmitude is; this is how we have arrived at the place where we are under national dhimmitude along with the European nations!

Never mind that they have Jewish mothers and are Israeli citizens. They avidly serve outside interests, and those interests are that Israel no longer be a country, nor the Jews a nation. Since they fail to identify with the suffering of their own, they don't deserve to participate in our glorious future.

Let the two-state solution die the ignominious death it so richly deserves. I hope this is more likely to be the outcome.

See the following psukim: Tehillim 83 תהילים פ"ג | Yehezkel 36 יחזקאל ל"ו | Yehezkel 37 יחזקאל ל"ז

1Mostly translated as "rose," havatzelet is its own flower. See this post.


Anonymous said...

Excellent article. But must add a couple of points. !) the only way where even a smidgen of respect will be forthcoming from the outside world is that we admit that the Land of Israel was given to the Jewish people as an inheritance for eternity by the Creator; not man! There are no other peoples in the world that can say that about their lands.
2) Those Ashkenazim who were the real so-called leaders of the new State were of the Erev Rav and never had any intention of going against the will of the nations, but 'to join with them'. Many of the followers, just the useful idiots. Also, why it should make a difference if the arabs are xtian or muslim; neither belong in the Land which is not theirs. The Muslims have more than 50 countries to go to from whence they came. Esav and Yishmael are two sides of the same coin.

Myrtle Rising said...

Good for you for saying the right thing to the right person.
(I'd think that took some courage, too, no? Kol hakavod.)

To support what you said about how only the Jews can grow produce in Gaza:
In Hamodia years ago, I read of a Jew living there who recalled how when the Jews first resettled that barren land of Gaza decades ago, the neighboring Arabs came to welcome them with salt (and bread, maybe?)saying that now that the Jews have returned, the Land will yield produce because the local Arab tradition has it that only Jews can manage to do it.

And that's exactly what happened.

Thank you.