07 December 2017

Did US President Trump Acknowledge Jerusalem, DC?

20 Kislev 5778

(US President Donald Trump: Getty Images)

 I'm not feeling so euphoric about the whole thing. And I'm not the only one.

While it is difficult to describe how good it is to hear the president of the United States recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, I also heard him say: "Jerusalem is today, and must remain, a place where Jews pray at the Western Wall, where Christians walk the stations of the cross, and where Muslims worship at al-Aksa mosque."

I took a few minutes to transcribe this bolded bit word for word because I feel it is the heart of the speech. I fervently wish the bubble didn't have to be burst...but there you have it, from Donald Trump's mouth. I wonder how that sounded in Heaven's ear.

My husband thought the speech important enough to download and put on our family Web site's home page so that it won't disappear, G-d forbid. We don't want to forget exactly what was said...and what was not said.

Thanks and appreciation are due for the acknowledgment, but not "to the skies."

Do you see anything missing here?

Here's what I see, as of now: Not only did HaKadosh Baruch Hu give us the site of Har haBayit, the Temple Mount, but DAVID HAMELEKH bought the site with gold - not with the currency of today which, by comparison, means nothing. Not for himself, but for the entire Jewish nation: he, through whom Mashiah comes. Am I crazy, or did I hear US President Trump aid and abet the theft of the heart of our holy city, the threshing floor bought and paid for in the transaction with Arauna in Shmuel Bet 24:24-25, by the enemy that wants to do away with us, while recognizing the rest as ours? And "must remain" means that this must not be the way to geula. I don't know about you, dear reader, but I feel that a vicious sting came with the honey. A wrong turn has been taken and we are backed into a corner.

Nevertheless, I'm sure geula will be advanced, not only because of President Trump's words, wherever they came from, but possibly in spite of some of them as well. 

I have to believe that HQB"H has our best at heart and in mind. This moment is indeed an opportunity for us Jews, whether in Israel or in Diaspora, to assert ourselves as He would desire, even though some Jews just don't seem to be willing.

It may be, and I hope it is, enough for now that at least one great nation from afar acknowledged Jerusalem, David's Capital (thanks, Tamar Yonah!) as Israel's capital, incomplete though it may be. Be'ezrath haShem, im yirtzeh haShem.

May He bless His people with redemption, peace and our inheritance from Him. I believe and hope that going forward, being on the side of His (and our) enemies will not be tolerated any longer.

Please, Abba she'ba'Shamayim, now would be a good time to show Yourself...

I also promised that I'd post R' Sprecher's videos in the merit of Reb Menachem ben Rivka, may he enjoy a swift recovery...a new one, Current Events on Parashath Yeshev, came out today. Of course, words about President Trump's speech were included; and the Rav is responsible for his own words.

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Rivka said...

I share your reservations, Chava, but you're also right that God is ultimately pulling all the strings here, for our best.