23 October 2015

Eyes on the Prize: Rectify the Spiritual Center

10 Heshvan 5776
Erev Shabbat


Originally I was going to ask: Why is it that every time our Prime Minister says something like, “Israel is firmly committed to the status quo which protects the right of Muslims to pray in the mosque, as well as the freedom of all people, Muslims, Christians, Jews and others, to visit the Temple Mount” – the situation only gets worse?

But then Mr. Netanyahu actually said something very important, that has the potential of turning that situation around. A lot of people said he misstated the role of the mufti of Jerusalem, ymsh”v, who played the catalyst for Hitler, ymsh”v, in accelerating the mass murder of the Jewish people in Europe, which was intended to spread worldwide — as has been well-documented and known for decades.

Not so fast. He later clarified, "I didn't mean to absolve Hitler of responsibility, but to show that the father of the Palestinian nation wanted to destroy Jews even without occupation (emphasis mine -CDG)." He actually brought Haj Amin al-Husseini’s part in the Holocaust, and the support given by Arabs all over the Middle East at that time as well as today, to the attention of the world. Long before the state of Israel was declared, long before the word “Palestinian” stopped referring to Jews and began referring to Arabs, the latter were clamoring, along with Hitler, for the extermination, the complete obliteration of my people. Massacres were rampant, though largely unreported. (On a personal level, this might be why my maternal grandmother, born and raised in Haifa, left for the United States in the 1920s.)

UPDATE: Caroline Glick explains in great detail why Bibi was "crazy like a fox" to say what he did. And I agree with her.

So, they can’t claim that their ancestors at the time of the Shoah were innocent bystanders; they were involved, they were at least cheerleading! And today, they revere the mufti and his legacy. So, they too are guilty, along with the Europeans. Also see this current threat to wipe out every single Jew...we won't take that lying down, that's for sure.

This revelation — even though the evidence has been there, most people didn’t know — changes the context of everything the “Palestinians” say and claim. If the government of Israel wants to be wise, it might take advantage of this and actually help the nation benefit from it. Realizing the full implications of the fact that Yishma'el is no better than Esav (or Amaleq, who is a unique combination of both of them) might even free us up to take back and rectify the spiritual center – the Mountain of the Temple, Har haBayit, from where the real House (makom מקום place), haShem, desires to dwell among us, His people. This is the prize we are keeping our eyes on.

But I am afraid they are stuck in that erev rav space and are more inclined to keep on the course they have been on since the Oslo Accords – even though it has now been made irrelevant by Mahmoud Abbas’s declaration.

This is why we need a change of system, not just government. Mr. Netanyahu, at the point when he becomes aware of this, must then make up his mind where he wants to be: Stuck with the old, or moving on with the new.

If we do any struggling to free haShem’s house, we must pray and study carefully first if at all possible, and then, whatever we do will be from a place of emunah – that haShem is with us. The Talmud Bavli Sanhedrin 20b outlines three steps to restore the Bayit:

  1. Appoint a King (includes Torah governance): Mashiach.
  2. Annihilate Amaleq.
  3. Build haShem’s House.

We have some Biblical basis for this as well from the prophet Zecharya, chapter 12, in particular v. 8, but including 9 and 10 as well. 

I do not attach the Mar- prefix to the month of Heshvan, even though this one is proving to be quite bitter indeed, because it is the month set aside in the (hopefully, not too distant) future for the dedication of the Third Beit haMiqdash – the Holy Temple.

I had a question for Reb Dov Bear regarding this verse:

8 On that day HASHEM will protect the inhabitant of Jerusalem; on that day even the weakest among them will be like David, and the house of David will be like divine beings, like an angel of HASHEM before them. (Stone Edition)

ח בַּיּוֹם הַהוּא יָגֵן יְהֹוָה בְּעַד יוֹשֵׁב יְרוּשָׁלִַם וְהָיָה הַנִּכְשָׁל בָּהֶם בַּיּוֹם הַהוּא כְּדָוִיד וּבֵית דָּוִיד כֵּאלֹהִים כְּמַלְאַךְ יְהֹוָה לִפְנֵיהֶם:

At what point does this happen? What would it take?

He replied:
The central theme is that the appearance of Mashiach ben David is Ma'aleh min HaTeva [above nature or supernatural –CDG]. There is no derekh hateva [natural] way out of the present morass. As someone just sent me. [T]he "appearance" of Ben David has been tied by some to the month of Cheshvan because it is the 8th month, the first month that is Above Teva. So Ma'aleh min HaTeva Redemption at the End of Days begins in Cheshvan whose mazal [sign] is the scorpion. And as the Gemorrah [part of the Talmud] goes, there are three things that happen when you least expect it: Mashiach, Finding a Lost Object, and a Scorpion. The sting of a scorpion is like a cold knife. I think we got the scorpion....so far this Cheshvan. May the first thing in the list come just as unexpectedly. Amein.

And now they want to put poison on those knives. This is when you should start to scream at G-d. Right here.

Scream at G-d, I will. And you will. We all will, when we're scared enough and can't take it anymore. Not at beit-knesset, shul or synagogue, but at home, alone, as we fully appreciate the position we’re now in. (Reb Dov Bear has further remarks on this in the link above.) We’ve been taught that this redemption will be like Mitzrayim (Egypt). HaShem listened to our groaning and sighing and screaming then, and He’s listening for it now. When He hears it, we’ll be delivered from the whole world. This time, for sure and forever.

Be’ezrath haShemבעזרת ה"  With G-d's HELP!!!!!!

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12on said...

Be sure you Chava that Mashiach is watching. As long as the people of Hashem do not clearly say with a strong political voice that The Temple Mount belongs to them, Hashem will continue to punish Israel. Any compromise generates more suffering and loss for Am Israel. Seeing the wickedness of Israel's political leaders, the Arabs managed to lay their hands over the sacred Jewish sites connected to the patriarchs. Hashem is angry. Storm the Har Habayit, demolish the abomination and clear the entire area! Hashem and Mashiach will take care of the rest. Shema you Israel, now in the month of Cheshvan!

Neshama said...

These are my thoughts (in part) on our Temple Mount in our day and in our current situation

12on said...

Things are changing rapidly. The sooner the better, the Gog and Magog conflicts happen. Don't agonize over what other countries say about you Israel. They will be punished by Hashem now that The Day of Judgment started on Rosh Hashanah 5776. Edom and Yishmael have no future, whatever they say about Israel doesn't matter for Hashem's purpose of correcting the world, tikkun haolam. Go and take over The Temple Mount, erase the buildings there, and your power will increase many folds, oh you Israel.

CDG, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael Shlemah said...

12on, many thanks for commenting. I agree with you for the most part. But our present "leaders" do not. They actively suppress any strong political voices we might have, and so far haShem has not seen fit to suppress them! Rabbi Yehuda Glick can tell you all about it, and so can Moshe Feiglin. Dr. Michael Ben-Ari and Dr. Aryeh Eldad. Not to mention Meir Kahane, zz"l, hy"d!

I voted for Yachad in the last election - the strong political voice of that time - and there was a scandal where most of the votes were invalid because people sent by at least one of the stronger parties replaced the valid ballots with counterfeits, so that they won not even 1 seat! So far, I have not heard that punishment was meted out for this crime. It is really in the government's interest to see that things like this are rigorously prosecuted because it could happen to them someday. Next time I may not vote at all. The system proved how corrupt it is.

You may let me know anytime this changes - or perhaps I'll see it in the news somewhere.

If you live in Israel, do you belong to Derech Chaim movement (R' Yitzchak Ginsburg) or the Zehut party (Feiglin)? Which one do you think is stronger?

More importantly, what do you think haShem is most angry at? And what do you think of the voices who say we must not take the Mount by force because it is a place of peace?

12on said...

Chava, said: “More importantly, what do you think haShem is most angry at? And what do you think of the voices who say we must not take the Mount by force because it is a place of peace?”

The events unfolding now in Eretz Yisrael point to the reality that The Day of Judgment has started on Rosh Hashanah 5776. Currently we have an anchor and may anticipate with grater accuracy the coming happenings.

The present conflict in Israel is of spiritual nature. So it requires spiritual solutions. It follows that the keys should be found in the Tanach. The Tanach says to eliminate the sinful nations living in the land that was given to the patriarchs. Do the current generations of Jews follow this command? They don’t! As such, here is the problem! If now, at the End of Days, Am YIsrael doesn’t follow what Hashem says in the Tanach, and elsewhere in other authoritative writings, what should we expect? Hashem is very angry with Am Israel, as such there is a harsh punishment that we observe at the moment. There is no end now to the violence against the Jews all over the corrupted world.

The appeasement of Yishmael, European Union, USA, and all others pressing Yisrael to comply with the human made international laws, is suicidal for Am Yisrael. The more conciliation Yisrael makes, the harsher response will be from Hashem. Instead of taking over the Temple Mount, and erase the abomination of desolation existing there, Israel looks badly to comply with what other nations say, to follow there crooked laws, particularly the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights (UDHR). That UDHR is destroying humanity mamash; the human beings, living on the planet Earth, have primary duties towards the Creator of humanity. If they fulfil such obligations, then they may have human rights following merits. Such fundamental change, of what humanity will mean in olam haba, will be done by the future Torah of Mashiach. Yishmael, European Union, USA have no future, as such their advices, lamentations, complains, and anything coming from people without a future, are void. We see how Mashiach sent the army of migrants to eliminate the evil there. How can the sinful nations of European Union (most of them) follow justice if they are being taking over by Yishmael and decimated soon? The USA is in a quite similar situation, being destroyed from the inside by Obama Nachash.

Currently, Hashem is forcing Am Yisrael to wake up and go to Har Habaith and eliminate the abomination of desolation. There is no other way! Yishmael shows with utmost clarity what he fears most, the taking over by the Jews of the Temple Mount and the demolition that has to follow. Yishmael knows that his power over the Am Yisrael will last as long as the Arabs master that place that was given by Hashem to Am Yisrael.

Hear you Yisrael!

12on said...


It has been a great confusion among the Rabbis what is there now on the Temple Mount. Most of them support the idea that The Temple Mount is holly and the Jews should not go there for they are in danger of stepping over the Holly of Holies. But so far we haven’t seen any Arab dying on the mount because, as a human being, he stepped over the Holly of Holies. The conclusion becomes very clear: There is no Holly of Holies at the present there on The Temple Mpount, mainly because the Shekhinah is not present over there (we know that Shekhinah descends again at the time of Gog and Magog wars). Without the Shekhinah’s presence, the Temple Mount is currently an ordinary place where Yishmael plays soccer and do any acts of violence without being punished by Hashem. In the meantime the Jews stay outside the area bagging Hashem to do justice, while they don’t realise that without the Shekhinah presence there is no holiness on Har Habaith. This confusion starts now to dissipate. The Jews should go with courage on The Temple Mount and do prayers in their minds while walking (! no security man could know that is in the mind of any Jew if he/she doesn’t move the lips). As such, with the Jewish presence on the Temple Mount, the holly spirit, the Shekhinah, gradually returns because every Jew has a spark of Shekhinah in own soul. Be aware Israel!

12on said...


Another point worth knowing is what the Mashiach is doing now on earth? It is for sure that seeing the current development of events, Mashiach is involved. Foremost, we should know that he will strike the world with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips he will slay the wicked. It means that the Mashiach uses words of prayers. Gaon of Vilna expressed the idea that Mashiach will change the world without firing a single shot of any kind. He is a peaceful tzaddik that doesn’t harm anyone, he simply ask Hashem to bring justice to the world and its people. And Hashem hears Mashiach’s words and takes action, for Hashem knows that he has a rightful person in this world and listens to what he says.

The events are in motion mamash. The Geulah is unfolding as many great chachamim stipulate nowadays about yom hadin.

It’s worth also knowing that Mashiach is accompanied by many other great souls from shamaim; they come with the same mission, for the purpose of tikkun haolam. Gradually such people become awaken and contribute to the coming of olam haba. Such people do listen to the words of Hashem and follow with courage what Hashem says. Gradually they acquire a good understanding of what is happening now in the world and spread the good news of Geulah unfolding. Here you Yisrael!

12on said...


One more point is significant to know, the issues regarding The Third Temple and parah adumah.

What happened to the previous two temples? They were destroyed for being made by human hands; their timely duration was dependent upon the Jewish behaviour. The First Temple and The Second Temple lasted 410 years, and 420 years respectively.
Do we expect The Third Temple to be made by human hands and to last forever? A lot of people believe in such a scenario. They support the idea of repeating the previous settings; even they have prepared the temple design, utensils, construction materials, etc. The Temple Institute follows such a development.

The Scriptures present two scenarios, the structure of an apparently man-made temple and the descending of the temple from heaven. Can a man-made temple resist forever? No, it cannot! We are here in the world of matter. The Third Temple has to be made of the Holly Spirit, the Shekhinah, in order to last. So the descending of the Third Temple from heaven is the answer. The Har Habaith will be a green area of grass and trees as the Garden of Eden was. In the olam haba The Temple Mount will re-enact the lost Garden of Eden where Shekhinah is continually present. People will come to and go from there in order to become filled with the Holly Spirit. The Jews, as a nation of royal priests of future humanity, and as custodians of The Temple Mount, will allow people from any nation from the world to ascend there and partake in the holiness of Hashem.

Can we imagine that the Mashiach will allow the killing of parah adumah? No, he won’t do that! The holly heifer will just be there on Har Habaith bringing alive purity instead of the pure animal ashes.

You Chava, ponder upon the words above!

Neshama said...

Well, 12on, take your proposal a few steps further. First, it says that Mashiach will do this. How should Israel do this? If they do, what do you think about the repercussions? What do you think the Arab nations will do in retaliation. For sure that would be a world war. Would Europe scream hooray? And the US, no more ammunition!

You have only gone half way in your comment.

CDG, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael Shlemah said...

12on said: "But so far we haven’t seen any Arab dying on the mount because, as a human being, he stepped over the Holly of Holies. The conclusion becomes very clear: There is no Holly of Holies at the present there on The Temple Mpount, mainly because the Shekhinah is not present over there (we know that Shekhinah descends again at the time of Gog and Magog wars). Without the Shekhinah’s presence, the Temple Mount is currently an ordinary place where Yishmael plays soccer and do any acts of violence without being punished by Hashem."

You clearly do not understand the dynamics of Jewish holy places and things, nor do you understand what HaShem says about them, or how we are supposed to handle them, for whatever reason. So, please listen. I am doing my best to explain a very difficult matter simply.

It is not that holiness doesn't exist on the Temple Mount because of desecration. It exists, and can never be done away with. Non-Jews do not incur the same risks that Jews do, which is why the Arabs can go where they wish and not be affected.

Jews. both male and female, must only be there under certain circumstances and having properly prepared themselves because the Shekhina is always with the Jewish people, particularly in Eretz Yisrael.

The big mistake that was made is that, before masses of Jews made teshuva, in 1967 shortly after the war, Moshe Dayan disobeyed his commanding officer's orders not to give the Mount to the Arabs.

His commanding officer was Rav Shlomo Goren, zz"l. Not that it matters so much. Supposedly one is not supposed to disobey his commanding officer under any circumstances. Dayan got away with it apparently because those above Rav Goren approved, and there weren't as many Torah-abiding Jews then. Besides, he was a hero to the country as it was then.

You apparently weren't listening when I said that our political voice is muted; I noticed that in all your words you didn't address the issue. I'll try again: It's because our secular leadership used to consider the Temple Mount an ordinary place - nowadays it is worse yet, they conveniently consider it Muslim - that Arabs are allowed to play soccer and have riots at their pleasure. At some point this system will be cast aside as illegitimate. We still don't know how yet, but it will; then their decisions will also be cast aside in Shamayim. And then you will see how HaShem feels about what our enemies have done. May this be done swiftly.

Also, if the destruction of the Temples was only because human hands built them, then:

1) Why was HaShem so pleased with King David's desire, which he expressed so far as to gather materials to build one?

2) Why does Ramba"m say that those who believe the Temple will fall out of the sky are fools? and

3) Why does Yehezkel haNavi write down instructions on how to build it?

For more information about how the Temple is supposed to be rebuilt, I strongly recommend that you review the following page:

Building the Temple

And, lastly, holly is a plant. Holy is what HaShem considers particularly important to Himself. The distinction is important because holly is used by at least one religion in one of its idolatrous rites.

Neshama said...

12on, you err greatly. Trees are NOT allowed on Har HaBayit!
Secondly, Jews are to begin the building of the Temple and then HaShem will Bless us in many ways.

Noise Blockers and Other Remedies said...

4 Things we Must Do to Survive These Days - according to the teachings of Rabbi Meir Eliyahu Shlita

1 - Havana. To come to the realization that we cannot (!) do this alone and that we must CLEAVE to Hashem. CLEAVE.

2 - Hishtadlut - to make an effort. Means leaving the comfort zone, going beyond what we would normally do to do Tesuva. PUSH ourselves spiritually.

3 - Be-ahava - Receive all that comes to us with LOVE, because all that Hashem does for us IS in fact out of love and for the good. We need to open our hearts and thank Hashem for everything. Even if we do not understand the reason.

4 - lo levatar - DO NOT GIVE UP. EVER. Persist. Be akshan. Obstinate. Cry out and demand from Hashem redemption. Prayers are heard when they are persistant. Be like a baby, cry out for what you want and don't let your eyes and heart move from the goal. You want REDEMPTION? PLEAD FOR IT 24/7. Never give up.