01 June 2016

Meir Is Free! But.

24 Iyyar 5776

Meir Ettinger left prison this morning after having been held in isolation just short of 10 months after he went in on 3 August 2015.

Meir Ettinger

 From HaKol haYehudi a few days ago:

According to an order signed by Central Commander Roni Noma, Ettinger will not be allowed in Judea and Samaria for the next year. Another order signed by Homefront General Yoel Strik banned Ettinger from Jerusalem and Yad Binyamin for six months.
Likewise, Ettinger was ordered to remain under nighttime house arrest for the next four months and is banned from communicating with 92 of his friends.

Supporters of Ettinger are planning an event in the coming days to show solidarity with Ettinger and celebrate his release.

In another order against a Jewish youth recently released from prison, the youth was banned from speaking with 87 of his friends. The order against Ettinger has now eclipsed even that one.

The administrative detention of Ettinger these past 12 [sic] months was issued without evidence and without trial. The Shabak and prisons service also refused to release Ettinger for the Bris of his first son and instead he remained in prison during the event.
  The orders still stand. What is this with incarcerating and torturing Jews with no charges against them here in Israel? It's bad enough when Jews commit crimes and get sentences above and beyond anyone else's. But Meir and the other Jewish detainees who are still in prison have committed no crimes; they are administratively detained (which by definition means no crime has been committed. In the case of other people (usually Arabs) it means they are a "ticking time bomb" getting ready to go off, whereas for the Jews this is not, and has not been, the situation.).

I have not been able to find a Web site with a list of Jews unjustly imprisoned. Meanwhile, any support for freeing all the Jewish detainees is greatly appreciated. Pidyon sh'vuyim starts with them.

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