10 November 2016

...But Did the American People Win?

9 Heshvan 5777

Ah. "Democracy" at its finest. -Yeah, right.

As we all know now, Donald J. Trump, otherwise known as "The Donald," won the American Presidential election that took place two days ago.

It was a knock-down, drag-out fight between him and his opponent, Hillary Rodham Clinton. As it has been for a long time, but more obviously now, the Presidential race was between bad and worse, between menuval מנוול and menuvelet b'yoter מנוולת ביותר (meaning: evil, wicked, contemptible - the "b'yoter" means the most; menuvelet b'yoter means the most evil, etc.). I did not vote.

I was small at the time, but I remember well the debates between John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Richard Milhous Nixon; so I have some basis for comparison. Those who also remember will understand.

The following audio file of Tamar Yonah's interview with Professor Francisco Gil-White should clarify why, even in the best of circumstances, with the very highest caliber candidates, a vote in an American Presidential election makes no difference whatsoever. While, as intended, there is no center of power among the three official branches of government (for those who need the reminder, they are executive, legislative and judicial), there is a hidden center of power in the American government, either unknown or ignored by most people. It is the intelligence services: mainly the FBI and CIA, but perhaps there are others as well.

I have also written about it here.

 I liked Prof. Gil-White's suggestion that if we want to change our voting system, we should boycott voting, or withhold our vote en masse. My question for him is: Is there any legislation anywhere that declares a vote invalid if too few people (too small a percentage) participate? That would be where the system itself has to check itself in order to stay relevant. Otherwise, all we're doing is letting a minuscule minority decide our future for us. And what happens if a vote gets invalidated? Do we still have to put up with the wicked government we have/the devil we know? Any peaceful way out?

I have one two suggestions for President-elect Trump: If you want to fundamentally "make America great again," you might want to start with fighting to repeal the National Security Act of 1947. But watch your back!

Furthermore, if you want to continue to be blessed by G-d, as you were in the election, you might want to help Jews who want to make aliyah to Israel, to do so, and quit insisting that Arab Muslims who want us dead should remain among us.

As for me, I would rather have Mashiach, Har haBayit, the Knesset haG'dolah (Sanhedrin)...in short, Complete Redemption. Geulah Shlemah גאולה שלימה.

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Myrtle Rising said...

Wow! What a blast of fresh air this post was!

Interestingly, in any given election only 49%-60% of eligible voters actually vote in USA Presidential elections.
(Prior to and including 1916, it was between 58%-81%)
Your question is interesting: How low would it have to go? Or would the media and the government merely pretend it's high because the average citizen has no way of measuring the percentage?

Also, I also love Professor Gil-White--an incredible researcher!

Out of curiosity, how did the Nixon/Kennedy debates compare to now? (I wasn't born yet ;)

Fervently agree with your closing statement.

(p.s. thanks for linking!)

Devash said...

Big thumbs up! Yasher koach!!

CDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

Both: Thank you!

MR: I hope my post following this one answers your question. Thanks for asking!