26 November 2016

By the Light (and the Heat) of the Fires of Haifa...

26 Heshvan 5777

 R' David Bar-Hayim explains the real motive behind the arson-related fires here.

The fires in Israel, which started mainly in Haifa, chasing out some 60,000 residents, and have also been set in various parts of the country, even threatening important infrastructure items such as the power station in Hadera, many by the hands of Arabs and "politically motivated" arsonists (probably one and the same, since some news services aren't being specific about who is being arrested or even caught setting fires - or even how they are occurring, but they are noting their social media reactions), should serve as a perfect example of why we Israelis — particularly the Jews — need our k'shei oref (stiff-necked) attribute when it comes to letting our government have its way with enforcing global political correctness on us.

A number of people have been arrested because they are suspect. This does not mean the problem is solved. Note the order of just a couple of related events from the Times of Israel:

A fire was also reported close to the Israel Electric Corporation’s huge coal-fired power station in coastal Hadera. Firefighters said the outbreak was under control.

The IEC has since declared a national emergency due to the large number of fires across the country.

This is serious; HaShem is waking us up from our complacency. We cannot keep holding back our voices from crying out. Fire literally means HOLOCAUST, people. Our enemies won't wait until concentration camps and ovens are built — our trees, our cities, and the physical sources of our modern lives ARE the ovens, unless we act NOW, with emunah that haShem is with us. All the firefighting from the air from all over the world is appreciated, but will not help. We cannot assume that this will be able to be stopped soon.

Israel News Online is liveblogging on Facebook (for those who have it), in addition to The Jewish Press (h/t: Devash).

 According to the BBC, the leader of Israel's Labor party, Yitzhak Herzog, "also urged restraint, warning of the dangers of rhetoric that could 'add to the flames'."

Why would that be, if no one is responding to what we say?! If the fires are lighting themselves, as is claimed about half of them are, then why bother objecting to how we speak about them?

It seems that we don't fully know what is going on. I'm not live-blogging this one, since people with more time are already doing that; but I will keep my eyes open. There may be other things happening for which the fires of Israel are, literally, a smoke screen.

We don't believe haShem is punishing us because He enjoys our pain. We need to learn our lessons. There may be many spiritual reasons this extreme trial is upon us. Some suggestions are linked to in the "more reading" below.

The Arabs have to answer at least one question as well: If the Land really belongs to them, why are they burning it?

Abba sh'baShamayim, please Give Blessed Rain on ALL the Face of Our Land!
אבא שבשמים, נא תן טל ומטר לברכה על כל פני האדמה!

All this, as the month of Kislev, a month of signs, wonders and victory for the Jewish People, stands ready to begin later this week, may haShem cause it to live up to its name.

Hodesh tov umevorakh חודש טוב ומבורך!

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Anonymous said...

The fine people who come to a blog such as yours all know the reason why our enemy within is doing this; that is clear as this is just another way of creating havoc, mayhem and murder of the Jewish people. H' uses our enemies to teach us a lesson. Devash at Tomer Devorah brings out why Haifa is probably suffering from these fires and it also pertains to the whole country. We have lost our way with this co-existence insanity and allowing all avodah zorohs to take place in our Eretz HaKodesh. The festival that takes place yearly at this time of year in EY is an abomination to H' and to His children, Israel. The secularism has reached its low and truly believe that our Father in Heaven is giving warnings to us to return otherwise there are consequences. Praying we heed His warnings and that we be blessed with His mercy.

Myrtle Rising (Dassie) said...

Very pertinent points, Chava.

Thank you.

I hadn't considered that this might also be a distraction. Good idea to keep watching.

Also, I love your point about how if the Arabs loved the Land and truly felt it belonged to them, they wouldn't burn it. (Sort of like how if the Temple Mount really meant something to them, they wouldn't treat it so cavalierly, like allowing little soccer games and such.)

I also think that even the Israeli Leftists will be less receptive to any more "Land for peace" garbage at this point because so many people have been displaced (even temporarily) and homes and neighborhoods destroyed. As bad as all this is and as pained as I am for the innocent evacuees and displaced (meaning, the ones who are actually innocent and caring Jews as opposed to apathetic self-hating Torah-hating Leftists), I can't help thinking that this may prevent something worse, prevent Jewish deportations and prevent upcoming Land for "peace" fiascoes.

Thank you.

GoldieZP said...

Thanks for the post CDG and a special thanks for all your links at the bottom of the post!

CDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

Anon, thank you for commenting.

MR(Dassie) and GoldieZP, thank you (and all the rest - I don't want to forget them, has"v) for contributing some great articles to link to!

Dassie, I pray that you're right about the Leftists actually re-examining their "Land for Peace" shtick, and that this burning will replace a worse one. Re: the Arabs, they're playing to world public opinion. We can definitely see the difference between how they treat what they consider truly holy and how they treat the holiest place in the world. And you're right: I included Har haBayit in my thoughts, too, when I linked to the Israel Rising article.

Mr. Cohen said...

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