08 May 2018

Geula and more geula, part 3

light of 24 Iyyar 5778
yesterday was the 38th Day of the Omer...

You could ask whether there will be the Great War or Geula Shlemah this week, depending on where you read. Possibly both at once and even more!

R' Lazer Brody sees "an amazing convergence of events - happening at lightning speed...like a noose that our neighbors want to tighten around our necks." Whatever could they be? Caution: Geula Under Construction.

Will this week change the world as we know it? David Mark of Israel Rising explains why this week could be it.

It would seem that in this prelude to geula, communications have changed so much that in some circles, knocking on someone's door and calling someone directly by phone are considered impolite. One must text or email first. Really??!! I hadn't heard this startling news until R' Steven Pruzansky wrote about it. I hope it never comes to Israel!

Meanwhile, meet the missionaries in Israel, whose aim is to convince Jews to believe in a false god, uncovered by Devash at Tomer Devorah. Part 1 | Part 2 and there may be more. In an earlier article, she asks, "The Midianites tried it, the Hellenists enforced it, the Christians have perfected it, for how long are the Jews going to continue to fall for it???"

It's simple, my gentle readers. There is NO such thing as a man who can be G-d. Not even Mashiah. Israeli Jews, let us not be deceived, even if our politicians (and rabbis) are!!!!!

 (An interesting aspect Devash explained to me is that many Christians, like those she mentioned in her part 1, will claim to be of Sephardic heritage.)

My response, here: Especially those who claim to be anusim, people whose ancestors were forced to convert to Xianity, commit an egregious crime against their ancestors (if their story is even true) by willingly remaining in the false religion whose followers ostensibly forced the conversion in the first place! Real anusim have kept their mesorah, albeit in secret, for hundreds of years and will do anything to retrieve what they lost along the way. Not preaching that people, especially Jews should be "saved by the mangod" Yeshu, yms"v.)

The above and much, much more is why R' Pinchas Winston revived his Geulah b'Rachamim project. 

And, I'm sure, there's lots more to be said. I don't claim to see from one end of the earth to the other. I'm still wondering what the deaths of 10 youth in flash floods here means. Rabbi Sprecher takes it on in the following video.

Are All Deaths Decreed by G-d? - R' Ephraim Sprecher

Let us keep our eyes open and our hearts on HQB"H! Hold on tight...

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