14 May 2018

On the establishment of the US Embassy in Yerushalayim

29 Iyyar 5778
"US Embassy Day"
Yom Kippur Qatan

US Consulate Annex, to become the US Embassy today (source).

On the establishment of the US Embassy in Yerushalayim
Christians: Don't take this opportunity to preach the gospel to Jews and steal more Jewish heritage!

I have been thinking about you dedicated Christians who claim to have Sephardic (meaning, Jewish-from-Spain-and-Portugal) heritage, or descend from any of the Ten Tribes, whether here in Israel or elsewhere - or whatever - in order to live among, and relate to, Jews in Israel. The ones who follow the Wallers, the RiverWinds and all the rest (see the following from the Tomer Devorah series Meet the Missionaries - part 3 | part 4 | part 5 (FoZ) and I'm not sure it's over yet...). If you are indeed true Christians, I expect you to consider seriously the following. The rabbis you have access to, I assure you, won't tell you these things. They know a lot, but have been cut off from saying what needs to be said.

In contrast, I'm a lowly am-haaretz (ignoramus). What do I know?

It is frankly insulting and disgusting to push your mangod on Jews especially if you think of them as your fellows, your brothers and sisters. After all, even though you may truly believe in your religion, or your relationship with god through jesus, or whatever you call it these days -- your power to do so came to you through the shedding of Jewish blood, and not that of jesus either. It came through the murder of ordinary Jews all those years ago, and even continued for a long time, and who can be sure it ever stopped? - and you should be hearing your hearts and souls crying out and rending the heavens in endless pain over it. You should be doing everything you can to retrieve the heritage that was ripped from you by the very servants of the mangod you yourselves serve. Do you have Stockholm Syndrome, or are you just wolves in sheeps' clothing? Only you have an answer to that.

The very fact that many of you come here, to the home of the Jews, insisting that you must keep your mangod and that in exchange for your free labor in our vineyards we must accept him even though you want to be one with us, means you are not sons of Jacob, from any tribe, at all. You can sing all your praise to Yoshke in the vineyards of Yehuda and the Shomron, put on your best Orthodox Haredi costume in order to speak with (or preach to) Haredim in Meah She'arim, keep Shabbat and holidays in your "inimitable" way (as if we'd want to), sit around the tables of our leadership in the Knesset building and learn (or presume to teach) Torah, Writings and Prophets with/to them, and give all the food to our hungry and poor all you want, but ALL THIS WILL NOT MAKE YOU ONE OF US. AND IT WILL NOT MAKE US WANT TO BE ONE WITH YOU. You promote the fact that you do these "kind" deeds like a pig that puts out its split hooves when it goes to sleep, to show its kashruth - but they are not kosher, and neither are you.

I'll repeat myself from my 2nd prior post: There is NO such thing as a man who can be G-d. Not even Mashiah. We, the ordinary people among Israeli Jews, will not be deceived, even if our politicians (and rabbis) are.

There is a reason we call you the children of Esau. This is not name-calling, but telling the truth. Esau's children are still steaming over the fact that Jacob's descendants have the birthright that was sold to him, and they will do anything to cause Jacob's children to stumble and lose the merit that previous generations laid up for their children, who wish to continue to accrue Torah, mitzvoth, good deeds, common decency AND THE LAND OF ISRAEL for the next generation. Just what do you think you are doing, if you also claim to be Jacob's children in order to "make aliyah" to the Land of Israel?!

I wrote the preceding as I contemplated the upcoming dedication of the new US Embassy in Jerusalem. I may have posted after that, since Shabbat was coming quickly upon us, and after that, Yom Yerushalayim; nevertheless, you must hear me well: ESAU OWES HAQADOSH BARUCH HU (G-D) PROPER RECOGNITION OF THE JEWS AND THE STATE OF ISRAEL, and is only now giving it. We owe the Christian, the Esavian, nothing - whether "born again", "Ephraimite" or Catholic, or anything in between - they have been nothing but dirty rotten thieves, liars and murderers for hundreds of years, if not thousands! Their gifts, as great as they may seem, are given only to divert our attention from their sleight-of-hand. What they offer is not salvation, but exactly the opposite!

It has been publicized that there are great expectations of us Israelis to thank you "Christian Zionists" for your role in bringing the Embassy to Yerushalayim. Have I got news for you! The One who expected this of you is not us; rather it is none other than HaQadosh Barukh Hu (that is, the One True Holy G-d, Blessed be He)! HE is the one Who chose my fair city to be the capital of Israel, of the Jewish People. In our desire and striving for this goal we have only ever obeyed Him. Down the generations, ever since the Romans exiled us from our land and our capital, my people has been longing for, praying for, and expecting only Him to grant us our request for His Great City. It is not a favor to the Jews that you have performed; rather, it was the job of the nations of the world to recognize the choice G-d made here, in this world.

And, if you expect us to thank you for your part in bringing the US Embassy to Yerushalayim, then you must also expect thanks for the following (it would take too long to put in all the links, which I'm sure you've seen before. I've limited myself only to what I suppose you haven't seen):

  • a long history of persecution, over-punishment (think Jonathan Pollard, for example) and murder of our people at least ever since we were exiled by the Romans
  • the dhimmitude laws of the Muslims, which were derived from how you treated us in the first 600 years of your religious existence, and which were applied to those of you who live(d) in the Middle East, as well as to us [the above link notes: At least six of these laws were taken over from earlier Christian laws against infidels.] Also: this analysis of the Pact of Umar which doesn't seem to have been written by Muslims.
  • "redaction" or, put more truthfully, censorship of our Talmudic sources during the Middle Ages, with the threat of punishment, including death, if we didn't submit
  • gross mistranslations and misinterpretations of Biblical texts (you couldn't help that, since it is not your root language, even when taught by Jews; still, couldn't your spiritual ancestors have refrained from such mischief?)
  • the distortion of our scholars' Torah knowledge and thinking from that time until the present day due to the previous two points - THANKS A WHOLE LOT FOR THAT! 
  • I can only thank G-d for not letting you get your hands on the Talmud Yerushalmi.
  • And, oh, thanks so very much for not protesting our MKs not being invited to the ceremony. You study Tana"kh with them, right? But it seems you can't, or won't, stand up for them when it's entirely appropriate.
  • and lots more that I can't think of right now.

So, if you claim also to be Jews or other sons and daughters of Jacob, you must choose. You cannot be both, and you should not want to be both. We must not allow idolatry on our Land, because our G-d, Almighty King of the Universe, demands it in His First Commandment. You found your mangod outside the Land; now you must leave him there.

Do you see the predatory pattern here? If what you're saying is true, some of your ancestors were Jews, then someone came along and forced them to give up their Jewishness; then, many (hundreds or thousands of) years later you come along, are not Jewish but with Jewish ancestry, trying to convince Jews to give up their Jewishness by taking on idolatry. Will the pattern continue? It's up to you.

Yes, we know what it says in your book. Enough of us have been there, done that, come back and told us. Is there any truth in it, or is it all "fake good news"?


P.S. You should also know that some of us see dark days ahead as a direct result of your "favor" to us. Whether that becomes many or not, remains to be seen, unless Mashiah is revealed before it has a chance to manifest itself. And, if the Israeli taxpayer has to bear the cost of the embassy move, as seems to be threatened suggested, that cancels your favor completely.


DS said...

Powerful, Chava!

I had posted a comment on A7 to a similar effect, stating that the blessing offered by a pastor at the opening of the embassy is an insult to Jews in Israel. Israel is the JEWISH country, or at least is supposed to be: couldn't they find one Jew to give the Brachah? What kind of insult is that to Hashem? I can't find that comment anymore. Sometimes they close the comments section when people protest too much and it becomes politically incorrect.

I agree with a lot of your points. I still think there is no harm in saying thank you to the Americans; it never hurts to say thank you when thank you has been earned. Just keep your pig off our Land and off our hearts! Don't you DARE try to convert us!!!!

Good and courageous post, Chava! Thanks for a job well done.


CDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

I try, what can I say. Thank you, DS, for your kind words.

May Mashiah be next.

CDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

R' Lazer Brody hits the right note for the occasion today: Thank You, HaShem, for the many miracles!!! I can't do better, so this comment will have to do. The theme is Chaos, but No Israeli Casualties!