18 June 2018

On the Rights of the Jews of Israel - and an inner look at Parashath Qorah by R' Sprecher (VIDEO)

5 Tammuz 5778

Soldier removes flag from a fellow soldier's condemned home. Hebrew sign: "I'm on reserve duty and they're destroying my home!" (My rough translation - CDG) (source)

Last week, on Tuesday the 12th of June, the last day of Sivan on the Jewish calendar (also known as Rosh Hodesh Alef Tammuz), witnessed the destruction of 15 homes owned by Jews in a small town called Netiv haAvot, by Israeli soldiers. I'd thought this was over now that we have the Regulation Law (but some think this is the last one before the law takes effect - if so, it had better be THE LAST.). It seems that even with the best of intentions, no law that was meant for the welfare of the Jewish People in the Jewish Homeland will stand against the forces of evil. The Arab who was supposedly the owner of the land still has not given his proof, and yet the homes on it will be destroyed anyway. See more about him, below.

What kind of craziness is this? David Bedein calls this, along with the destruction of Amona, Migron and Gush Katif, the process of YESHACIDE. I agree, but more likely it will be called NATIONAL SUICIDE in the end. Because our own Supreme Court (Baga"tz), which promotes this sort of thing, doesn't seem to realize that it is in the process of destroying itself and the country by acting in this manner in the periphery. Great timing, guys. Way to go...this is, in a way, worse than Ariel Sharon's timing of the expulsion of Gush Katif. Right on Rosh Hodesh.

What, are we supposed to somehow go along with them even though they have reversed course many times in our short history as a modern nation? Even the worst kings of Israel in Bible days weren't as bad as these people are now. Some of them, like Omri, actually accrued merit for ADDING a city to Israel*. That's right: This evil king and his army, with the blessing of HQB"H (G-d Himself!), conquered a place and made it part of our blessed land (and if I understand correctly, that city was SAMARIA/Shomron/שומרון). Nowadays, agenda-makers here have been competing to SUBTRACT land, and the cities and towns that would be built upon it, for decades. Since 1967, at the very least. Shame on them!

I would not like to go back to Omri's day and age, thank you. We need to move FORWARD, towards REDEMPTION.

Several observations:

1. Instead of allowing things that should not be in "G-d's country" (gay pride parades and Xians who feel that they are to take over our fair state for their mangod (or godman, or whatever way they want to call him this week) for whom we are just a placeholder), the Jews of Israel, including in the Tel Aviv bubble, ought to be paying attention to what is going on here. After all, the Israeli government promised us a law that would prevent Gush Katif from happening all over again. And it's happening again, in stages! WHY?

2. The world is watching and drooling over our imminent destruction. Death to the Jews, they cry. IT MUST STOP FOR YOUR OWN GOOD. Our destruction now is YOUR destruction shortly thereafter. Better to count on Jeremiah 31 (עברית | English) of the Jewish prophets, the very end of the chapter. Basically, it says that when the last Jew dies or is killed, the end of the entire universe is imminent - and there is not long to wait!

3. My husband told me that people were protesting - tire burning at the Metzarim Bridge, at the entrance to Yerushalayim, and holding up traffic as others have done before and gotten attention. On Wednesday he told me it was about the gerush from Netiv haAvot. It only hurts innocent people, innocent Jews. There must be a better, more effective way to present grievances to the public, and to get our government to stop these g'rushim. Do you know that Magen David Adom is right up the street from where you were? If someone were in need of an ambulance, they would have DIED because you were blocking the way. Getting kicked out of your house is surely bad enough; but being a contributor to someone's death because you were in help's way is FAR WORSE.

I smelled something burning strongly from my apartment that afternoon. Here's the article.

I know that protesting and demonstrating has been the Israeli way (borrowed from the Communists and mocked in Orwell's 1984 download free audio | online PDF) since the beginning, before the state was official. And tire burning gets the world's attention; just look at the Gaza terrorists who burn our fields and deprive us of food in the process, while we send them truckloads of goods, including...food! But we must find a better way to resolve these problems.

Here's one to work on: the ISRAELI LEFT pressured an Arab to claim ownership of the land in question this time. They would not let the Arab take compensation instead of expulsion. Attributed by Mordechai Sones for Moriah Kor of Arutz-7, here's how he responded:

Kor said the Arab responded he would have preferred and would have been happy to receive financial compensation, but since leftist movements under the direction of attorney Michael Sfard had already begun the legal work "it was uncomfortable for him" to give up the expulsion process and make do with compensation.

I see no sense in going further until we can make Israeli encouragement of others' taking over the Land of Israel TOTALLY unacceptable, in any way, on the part of any group of Jews, whether inside or outside the Land: Legally, socially, scripturally and morally are three ways; nay, four, that I can think of. After all, the Jewish rights to the Land of Israel supersede the handing over by any one individual (or any number of individuals or governments) of parts of the Land that was graciously given to us by our Creator. Even one entire generation of this nation cannot speak for all the past and future ones.

Maybe if Israel applies ISRAELI LAW to the disputed territories, thereby asserting sovereignty, we might be able to correct this?

As Avi Abelow of Israel Unwired wrote: "...it is sad to see Jewish homes destroyed in our Jewish homeland. There will always be those who won’t just protest in silence but ensure that the public sees that the destruction of any Jewish home in our homeland is wrong."

With the help of HaQadosh Barukh Hu ! בעזרת הקב"ה

*This Wikipedia article states, likely falsely, that Omri's name is either Amorite or Arabic. Actually, the root עמר that forms his name is Omer, as in Sefirath haOmer - the measurement of barley we bring after Pesah.


R' Sprecher presents an inner spiritual look at Moshe and Qorah's controversy. Here's a question for you, my gentle reader: Regarding the pro-Arab Israelis who incited the destruction, and the judges of the Supreme Court, who decided the fate of the 15 built stone homes - not caravans - of 20 families - in Netiv haAvot (R' Richter, in the video immediately linked to, was there and gives his account of events) and other Jewish communities in Yehuda and Shomron: Are they more like Moshe (reincarnation of Hevel/Abel), or more like Qorah (reincarnation of Kayin/Cain)? Watch and decide for yourself.


DS said...

Thank you, Chava, I am so glad you wrote a post about this atrocity - not the last by any means,since just after that one they saw fit to destroy Kfar Tapuach West for even less justification and with much more violence and wounds. The only thing I can say is: this is an expression of pure SINAT CHINAM, pure hatred of their fellow Jews, Eretz Yisrael and Torat Yisrael.

I was privileged, today, in the Tachanah Merkazit of Yerushalayim, to speak to a Chabad Shaliach busy helping men put on Tefillin. He reminded me that this past Shabbat, Gimmel Tammuz, was the Yahrzeit of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, ZT"L. I had forgotten about that Yahrzeit, so I started speaking with him, mentioning these last two expulsions of Jews from Eretz Yisrael. After deliberations he gave me a paper on which to write a Petek/Kvittel for the Kever of the Rebbe. So I did, and I asked that our fellow Jews stop being so apathetic to what is happening here in Israel to their brothers, where the evil ones expel Jews from their homes - ethnic cleansing - so they can take the Land from us. Maybe this Petek will help arouse the Neshamot of Am Yisrael, since it will be sent to the "Ohel", the Kever of a Tzaddik I personally met, B"H, the Rebbe.

I have to say I really enjoyed the topic Rav Sprecher discussed. Thank you, Chava: don't you just LOOOOVE embedding your videos:)))?

CDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

DS, thank you so very much for your kind words.

I must give credit where credit is due: I turned to Tomer Devorah to get R' Richter's first-hand account of the situation in Netiv haAvot before I wrote and posted this, adding more links.

Thanks also for the news about Tapuach West. When I read this news elsewhere, I wasn't sure if this also referred to Netiv haAvot or not. I'm not as familiar with the "territory" as you are.

I'm still finishing up this school year as well; lots of homework to wrap up. Advanced Reflexology, be"H!

As for meeting the Rebbe and other tzaddikim, I envy you and at the same time, I'm happy for you. I was entirely too late for that. Connection and access are really important...the kiruv workers bring that, to whatever extent they are themselves connected and have access (at some point I'd like to write on it - not vowing or promising.).

I went back to YouTube for my videos in R' Sprecher's section here. Vimeo's are better but "heavier" and need better support from Blogger/Google.

Thanks again, DS!

Myrtle Rising said...

Great points, as usual, Chava.

And also kol hakavod to DS for her passion and hishtadlut.

Also, good for you, Chava, for discussing the reality, roots, & drawbacks of protests. If these same people had gathered at the Kotel or even in a shul or home for heartfelt tefillah, that would've sweetened dinim and helped more (although I definitely sympathize with the outrage that leads to such protests). These are obviously good-hearted people, but they simply need to channel their compassion & caring more effectively.

Thank you.

CDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

Thank you, MR, for your kind words also. You hit the nail on the head about the protesters. They are good people. Not only they, but we all need to channel our compassion and caring so that they have real effect. I just don't know how, except by prayer and tehillim. And maybe a little writing. ;)

I liked your article about how you found Tehillim, and I'm going to try going through it in English and highlight what speaks to me, as you did so long ago. That may boost things a little, since King David is the progenitor of Mashiah, after all.

Seems like H' needs to hear our emotions as well as our thoughts and readings of words written for us.

Thanks again!