28 July 2022

What happens when justice is perverted during pre-Messianic times?

 29 Tammuz 5782 | כ"ט תמוז ה"תשפ"ב 

 Erev Rosh Hodesh Av | ערב ר"ח אב


Dr. Atty. Simone Gold is serving time in an American prison for the misdemeanor she pled guilty of committing on 6 January 2021, walking into the Capitol Building (on the other side of the building from where the "insurrectionists" were). 

She was placed with violent felons in prison. See HERE.

This is unjust on its face, imposed by a judge who knew her back in law school and who apparently holds a grudge against her since then for...wait for it...refusing to date him. Dr. Gold tells the story in the video below, along with other things. If so...

Shouldn't he have recused himself from judging her, even if he was correct and she was guilty for everything she was charged with?

This sentence was imposed during the "dreaded three weeks" of this Jewish year and won't end until after Rosh haShana and the fast of Gedalia, if my calculation is correct, and if they actually let her go, be"H.

Will the American government check this out and nullify the sentence? It seems to me that this is a big test for them right now, among many others. 

If they fail, it will show the American government to be more in favor of "criminals running the asylum" than actual justice.

Now we see yet another reason for the world to adhere to a legal system based on Noahide law rather than "just making anything" into law.

Let Israel cease following America like a slave follows his master.

Please pray for Shoshana bat Kochava | נא להתפלל בשביל שושנה בת כוכבה

and others who are fighting alongside her...


Dr. Simone Gold at the Rumble Booth - TPUSA, Tampa, Florida



DDG search: "Simone Gold jailed"...come to your own conclusions | Dr. Gold's site, with links to more | A world guided by the Seven Noahide Laws 


Neshama said...

Thank you for bringing this to our readers.
However, You think DDG is a safe search engine; they have been taken over by the DS and unreliable and liars. Don’t trust them. Just search for her name and find all kinds of smearing on her good name.

You may want to try Good Gopher instead, if they are still in operation.

I guess accepting guilt was the lesser of two evils? But should she have?

They all will be brought down for the evil and treasonous acts done. The Emes will shock everyone!

Anonymous said...

Amen to both Chava's & Neshama's words.
H'watches over the righteous, such as Dr.,Atty. Simone Gold!